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2017 Tasman Cup Rules

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In the early 1960’s, discussions between the Association of New Zealand Car Clubs, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and representatives of the international promoters in both countries materialized into what became known as the Tasman Cup series of races. This was, in effect, a "minor league" World Racing Drivers' Championship. It had the effect of enhancing the prestige of motor racing in New Zealand and Australia and also stimulated keener competition between New Zealand and Australian drivers in races on both sides of the Tasman Sea.

For the Tasman Cup the points scoring system was similar to the then current system used for the world title. There were eight races, four in each country, although some years Australia only held three races.


This eight-round series created greater public interest in motor racing in this part of the world, particularly as it was conducted during the European off-season.


So, the Tasman Cup Proxy Series will be a 7 race series to be held in from April through to July 2017.


The series is open to cars from the 1961 -65 1.5 litre GP era and for cars that competed in the original Tasman Cup series in 1964 and 1965.

For details of eligible GP cars of the check out the VRAA (Vintage Race Across America). There is a lot of information available there.

For eligible Tasman Cup cars visit www.sergent.com.au which has a wealth of information in relation to the original Tasman Series and details all of the cars that competed in that series.


The rules of the Tasman Cup are slightly different to those of the VRAA. Please check carefully.


Please use this thread for your nominations.


Rules for the 2017 Tasman Cup series.


This will start the official entry list, establish the schedule and contain the rules of the 2017 Tasman Cup proxy series. If you want to compete in this year's Tasman Cup, then please read through the following information and confirm your entry with a reply in this thread.


All entries need to be paid by the 1st March 2017.


Cars to be in Australia by Friday the 31st March 2017.


Cars will be returned to their owners at the end of July.


At this stage we will have a 7 race series. The probable schedule is


Round 1, Victoria Mid Late April

Round 2, Tasmania late April/early May

Round 3, Tasmania Mid May

Round 4, New South Wales Late May/early June

Round 5, South Australia Mid June

Round 6, South Australia Late June/early July

Round 7, Victoria, mid July.



2017 Tasman Cup Participants:


The maximum size of the field is limited to 30 cars. A reserve list will be started if there are more than 30 people interested in entering.


Returning entrants will be given priority. All returning entrants must nominate by 15th of January 2017. From that date any entries on the reserve list will be included in the order in which their nomination was received



Entry fee for Australian and NZ entrants will be $25.00AUD. For International Competitors the entry fee will be $30.00AUD. Any surplus money will be allocated to the prize pool.


Any offers of sponsorship or donation of prizes will be greatly appreciated.



When nominating please provide the following information about your car if possible.


Car number, duplicates will NOT be allowed. Returning entrants will have their number reserved for them until the 15th January 2017.


Returning entrants will have first choice on their previous number.


Number 1 is reserved for the previous series winner.


Car make and model.


Resin, Plastic or Fibreglass body.


Chassis type.


Your name, very important. Owners name should be written on the bottom of the chassis.


VRAA cars are eligible


Phil Kalbfell offers a range of resin bodies that are suitable for this series.






Tasman Cup constructors guide lines


Please read the rules carefully. They differ slightly from the VRAA rules.


Cars should be 1/32 scale models of F1 cars from the 1961-65 1.5 litre period. The series is also open to 1/32 scale models of cars that competed in the Tasman Cup in 1964 or 1965.


Only hard bodies (resin, fibreglass, injection moulded plastic, or fabricated plastic) will be allowed.


Reasonable scale appearance and representation of authentic colour/number/driver schemes (but no need to replicate specific cars or drivers; freelance schemes may be used, if period-appropriate).

We would encourage entrants to create their own liveries (in correct period style of course).


Minimum detail would include clear windscreen; driver with head, arms, hands, and partial steering wheel; roll bar; some 3-D engine detail if visible on actual model, exhaust system. Mirrors and suspension detail are required.

Phil Kalbfell offers a range of resin bodies that are suitable for this series.


Chassis may be fabricated using any material or stock manufactured excluding carbon fibre.

3D printed chassis are not permitted.

3D printed motor mounts may be considered, but please check first.


Wheels, inserts and tyres (see below for limits) should be in keeping with the period.



Rears: 0.80" (20.32mm) minimum diameter, maximum width .276" (7.25mm). at the sidewall

Fronts: 0.75" (19.05mm) minimum diameter, Maximum width 245” {6.25mm). at the sidewall. Front tyres must have a minimum width of 4.75mm at the sidewall.

Rear tyres should have a contact patch of not more than 7mm width, fronts no more than 6mm, where the tyre meets the track at the start of the series. If you are running a 4wd car then the front tyres may be the same size as the rear.


Rubber or urethane tyre compound must be black, no chemicals or oil. No clear paint or polish on front tyres.


Rear tyres may not be slab sided tyres like YellowDogs. All rear tyres must have the sidewall bulge like the rear cars did in the era. The inner sidewall does not have to have the bulge but must be radiused at the tread area.




You may choose from one of the following two motors.


BWA FF050,


MRRC SRP-1090 FF-050. This motor is also known as the SRP slim can Power 16


Gears may not be visible from above except as follows.


Some 1:1 cars had shortish bodies at the rear and the bodywork finished close to the rear axle line. If you want to model and enter one of these cars please let me know ASAP and if I can verify the short bodywork I will allow the crown to be exposed.


But please don’t ask me is this legal? Or is that legal? If you want to enter such a car check it out and provide me with the details and hopefully a photo and then I can confirm if it will be OK or not.


I know that some Tasman Brabhams had the short back end.





Minimum ground clearance 1/16" or .0625", or 1.59 mm except at gear.


Accurate wheelbase (tolerance of +/- 1.5mm).


The cars can only have a max width of 2” or 50.8 mm, sidewall to sidewall.


Guide not to be visible from directly above the car in the straight ahead position.


No traction magnets.


Owners name should be written on the bottom of the chassis.



Race Procedures


Finishing order for each round of the proxy race, and the entire series, will be determined by number of laps and 10ths of laps, within a set amount of time. A minimum of 8 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes racing time per car, s required at each track.


Each race will be conducted according to procedures chosen by the individual track host. Each car is to be raced in a fair and equal manner, and subject to the same track conditions. Each driver to drive all cars for the same time on the same lane. Lane and driver rotations to be determined by track host.


Track voltage will be 12 volts and will remain equal for all lanes throughout the race.


A running inspection of cars is to be made before and after each race. Cars may be cleaned and lubricated. No penalties for repairs required to keep the cars in the race. This excludes functional tyre and motor changes. If a motor should fail during qualifying or during the race it can be replaced after the race has been completed without penalty. Before repairs to any damage to the body or chassis are made, the track host will discuss with the car owner for repair or return instructions.



Points Scoring.


For each race;


24 Car field


24 plus Car field



Fastest lap of the race will receive a bonus of 2 points.



In the case of a tie a count back system will apply. If two or more cars finish on the same points then the car with the most wins will be declared the winner. If still tied then the most second placings will apply and so on and so on down the finishing order. If after that we still have a tie we will determine which car had faster lap times on the various tracks. If after that we still have a tie then we reckon we will have had a bloody good series.


The Race Directors will have the final decision. Should one of the Race Directors cars be involved in a tie and the finishing order is still in dispute we will seek advice and input from one or more of the track hosts. I could be magnanimous here and say the Race Director will concede. Maybe he will.




Please be sure you avoid incurring any.


Late arrivals. Tough. The series will kick off on the scheduled date and if your car is stuck in the mail it will miss any round that it misses. The car will be tech’d on arrival and then sent on to the next practicable venue for inclusion in the remainder of the series.


Any car outside reasonable rule boundaries and with magnetic down force will be sent home.


Any car that requires a tyre change during the series will incur a penalty per set changed.


All costs incurred will be paid by the entrant.




Late arrival for scrutineering 20 points

Remedying of other non-compliant matters 10 points

Car outside above mechanical rules 10 points per round

Non-compliance other than mechanical 10 points

Tyre change 10 points


List of entrants 2017 Tasman Cup

Edited by Stubbo

Alan Stubbings

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Just to let you know that I may not be able to get near a computer for a few days so if you have any queries please be patient.

Alan Stubbings

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Hi Stubbo.


Confirm my entry for next year. Will be my Brabham BT4 again but rebuilt as a motor change is required in terms of the new rules.


Details are a follows:


1963 Brabham BT4 as driven by the late Denny Hulme at Levin and/or Pukekohe. Think he won in Levin and runner-up at Pukekohe.

Car number 5

Resin body and paint by Stubbo.

Chassis, suspension and exhaust homebuilt by self.

Motor SRP FF050 or BWA FF050 (probably former).


I just hope that my VRAA car is back in time to enable a comparison.


Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

Edited by charlesx

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I am keen again - I will either re-enter this years car or build a new one.

Will let you know in the new year which way I am going.




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I'm in, can I have my #10 please Stubbo,


Not sure what I'm running this year, be nice to do something out of left field but I can't think what...

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Put me down again please car will be a number 14 either the Lotus 24 BRM i sent last year but modified or it's brother Lotus 24 Climax, presume last years motor SRP ff 16K will be used alongside the SRP ff power16 K of this year, does anyone know if that power 16 is actually any differant as round here its 2 tenths quicker a lap in a idendical car , or is it just not a Friday motor .

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Stubbo, again I request to host a round here in Canberra, understanding that would mean an 8 round series if possible. My flowing technical track is ideal for these little cars.

I'll put another entry in - probably the same Cooper #6 (or I can change to # if req). Will make up a new chassis though...


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#78 for me, #2 for neil and a reserve entry for Stu please, #tba. I intend to replace my Cooper t77 for next series but we'll see how fast the next few months go. My plan is to get neil and stu to build their own chassis with no hands on assistance. Neil is not right in the head right now so this could be a good project for him to find some inner balance.

My mum says I'm an excellent driver

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I'll be back with the Green Rattler (hopefully less noisy this time around!) and number 33 again.



I enjoy racing. Winning or losing is secondary.

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Just asking...

I can go with #11 instead.


And what's behind the new rule against 3D Printed chassis? Not that I was planning to use one, but if "manufactured" chassis like Penelope Pitlane are okay why not 3D printed components? Just wondering...



Edited by Old23

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Good point Old23/Stewart. Personally I would like to see completely home built otherwise you get into mode where commercial or possibly 3D type chassis become the norm. That would be a great pity. I do not however have a problem with 3D motor mounts as this is little different to the brass brackets that many of us use. The main chassis component however should be home built.


I may be getting a little way off the subject but the NZ Canam has gone very much the commercial way with mainly Slot-it or NSR chassis cars although there is the odd stalwart like myself who persists with a fairly standard non-poddd Revell McLaren M6a. This however was never a scratch built competition.


The Tasman Cup has always been a bit more laid back than the VRAA but I still see both as largely scratch building competitions. I for one will never be able to produce one of those Slo1quick/Stubbo masterpieces but every year that I have competed many basic simple rail chassis have been very competitive.


Another alternative is perhaps to provide a second tier competition like the VRAA do with the 1954-1960 era cars. Why not add this as an option or at least get racers feeling on idea. Many of these classic racers also raced in Aussie/NZ and were the starting point for many a racing career. Just look a likes of Brabham and McLaren. I for one would be in.


Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

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Hi Stewart and Chas,


A while ago one of our Tasmanites indicated that he was considering a 3d printed chassis.


That raised an issue that we had never considered before, that being 3d printed chassis'. As a result I have had many communications back and forth with my colleagues and fellow hosts down here and we have come to a consensus that, for now, we are not going to allow the use of fully 3D printed chassis.



Our aim is to hopefully maintain the "traditional way" of building a chassis using brass and wire.



I understand that 3D printers are replacing a lot of tool box items these days and we may have to reconsider the position into the future. I know that the availability of some components such as motor mounts or front axle carriers is limited and 3D printing may become the only source of such items. If that was the case we may have to look at allowing some parts or components of chassis' to be 3D printed but still having some portions fabricated by the individual.


With regard to the Penelope Pitlane chassis, it has been used before in the Tasman and I think the VRAA as well. So I suppose we continue to allow its use because of that and probably in part because it does require a small amount of construction. The same can be said for the Beardog chassis. I think we also hope that people who use these chassis would in the first instance enter our series and in the second hopefully progress on to a fully scratch built chassis.


So for now we stick with the original concept but we will certainly continue to consider the 3D options into the future.

Alan Stubbings

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Under the impression that the chassis had to be metal of some description , not plastic or that type of material, the problem you have Charles is not many of us can build like some in the Tasman due to lack of control in hands and fingers arthritis e.t.c so under what you want these people could not participate in the series and be left out of many other things as well , and it should not be about a scratch building competition, it should be actually racing some nice looking slot cars not a competition who can build the best looking metal chassis where only a few could compete and leave others out in the cold, seen it all before many years ago. :wacko:

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Hi Stubbo, Peter and Old23.


I am easy either way. I can see where everybody is coming from. Agree you cannot halt progress and possibly a good hand built chassis will always beat a good 3D one.


We already however have the likes of the Policar chassis in their Lotus 72. This could easily be used in a Tasman car. Is that the way we want to go???


Regards Chas Le Breton

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So far we have had 17 nominations.


A few of the South Aus guys are yet to confirm, as are some of the "Internationals"


I assume Shadow Rusty will be back?


Phil, it looks like number #9 should be OK.


Diffinity, I am staying with 7 rounds for now and I have no plans to change that. I think the 7 rounds works well. I would also say that in the past, other's have also asked to host a round so if there was to be any additional rounds I would look at the requests in the order that they came in.


I'll post up an entry list as soon as photobucket comes good.

Alan Stubbings

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Thanks Stubbo.

I understand your thoughts on this.

I will say that my track was designed and built precisely for this type of class - it is ideal for the F1s.

I note too that there are at least 3 entrants either here in Canberra, or close enough to join any proxy running.


I continue to live in hope and will rebuild my Cooper for another run in 2017.



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Hi all,

I will would like to enter for next year again.

I am about to get organised and start soon.

Hope to be at first race and ready to test and tune with time to spare.

At least I can only hope.


ps any good body's out there for sale.



Try Harder, if you dont fail your not trying hard enough

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