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Retailer Selling On Ebay

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I think its disappointing when a retailer sells rare cars on Ebay.

I rang this particular slot car shop to buy the Mad Max Falcon and was told he was sold out.

next thing there are 2 of the Mad Max cars listed on Ebay and selling at double the rrp.

Yeah, they can do what they want, but morally its wrong.

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In reality it is all business.

It used to annoy me too but when you think about it it is supply and demand.


There are a few things in retail/business that I don't understand.


Like how come QLD has petrol price cycles on a weekly or monthly basis when the price of fuel is the same. The rest of the federation doesn't.

And how come if petrol prices go up they will raise the prices immediately even though they are still pumping old stock.

Also the finance and insurance industries show multi million dollar profits, how is that moral, yes I know the banks need to keep a reserve, but insurance???

I would understand insurance if they were securing for the big one, but the big ones have come and they fight to pay out sometime taking years and the poor sods are left out on a limb. W**k*rs

Credit cards, interest rates fluctuate except for credit cards.


And at the other end of the swindle poor dairy producers are being ripped off big time by the processors.

Who then try to sell it back to us for a $1.


Thats my Casper Jonquil for the day.


Thanks Waytofast for opening this can of worms, hopefully there will be others that vent as well.

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Cheers Grant


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I don't understand fuel prices either Zegas. Recently in Brisbane it went from $1 a litre to $1.30 in one day.



Garry J




Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill

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Seems like dejavu all over again - we had similar stuff happen when the first Gold Leaf Lotus came out.


Guess we know which way the coin landed between making a bit of extra cash and the value of good will with customers.

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To the viscous greedy world we now live in !!!

We are just peasants that get told what to do and when to do it .... Ggggrrrrrrrr



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I couldn't disagree more. The reality that most retail businesses are struggling these days. Marginal, specialist businesses like slot car dealers are more likely to be more margin squeezed than most. Typically they are run by enthusiasts who tend to put enthusiasm before profit.


When, on the very odd occasion, a diamond appears in the slot car world that allows retailers to take some margin for once I say 'Good on them!". What would you do if you were in their position? Ask yourself.


Berating them does no one any good. We need slot car traders to survive and be profitable. End of story.

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It would depend - if I was a regular customer of this retailer - who is looking to make what an extra $100 more than the retail price - I would be a bit peeved and would most likely take my business elsewhere - so they might make an extra hundred today on this one sale versus the 5 or 10 or 20 cars I will likely buy elsewhere - add in the Decore principle (you tell two friends and they tell to friends) and that extra $100 could be quite a slim bonus.


If the person enquiring wasn't a regular customer then we know now they are unlikely to become one - so how is that diamond looking now?


"We need slot car traders to survive and be profitable." Agreed but not sure how this will help them do that..... quite the opposite effect I think.

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