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Questions Re Slot It Oxigen In Routed Track

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Hi guys,


I have recently sold my scalextric digital set up to make room for the next project a routed digital track using slot it oxigen system.


I have found most of the info I need but was hoping to clarify some things.


Do you need anything more than the lane change driver to activate the lane change solenoids?


Can you tell me how the magnets for start / finish line and pit lane are placed into the track? How does the system tell the difference between the two?

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I am using oXigen on a scalextric track. You can read more about the magnets following this link: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=122713&view=findpost&p=1385161

Basically, if the car see one magnet then it reports it as S/F lane. In the pit lane, you put two sets of magnets within a given distance so that the car will see two in a row within a short interval. In this case, the car goes into pit mode and reduce speed.


For the lane changers, once you have the flippers and solenoids you just need the lane boards. Pity that you sold your digital scaley as you could have reused the flippers and sensor boards embedding them into wood. The Scalextric sensors work perfectly with oXigen.

Another good place where to get flippers/solenoid is from the scorpius website.




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Thanks Grunz for the reply and link. its works as I suspected but better to ask and be sure


So with your set up using scalextric sensors you don't need the oxigen sensor is that right.

My understanding was that you hooked the slot it board into the system as well


I still have some scaley digital parts, I was going to sell them off to offset the cost.

I was originally going to use them only mounting the solenoids would be difficult without imbedding plastic parts, I don't want to do that.

I have found a solenoid of the same principal as scaley that is a stand alone unit with mounting plate. needs testing but should work


Another question for you. Can you have the start finish run though pit lane?


I have seen the scorpious build also looks good





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Hi Dave

Yes, the oXigen chips can control the scalextric lane changers given that Slot.it has the license from Hornby. No need to get the slot.it lane change board.

With the oXigen chip, any ID from 1 to 20 can control an SSD lane changer.


What the slot.it lane change will give you is the option of selectively controlling the lane change up or down through the SCP2 buttons.

In other words, if you press the arrow UP button on the SCP controller your car will change lane only if the lane changer will move the car from an inner lane to an outside lane.

When you press the DOWN button your car will change lane only if the lane changer moves the car from an outside lane to an inner one.

This is most useful on 4 (or more) lanes tracks or when you have a close sequence of lane changers.

For instance let assume that your car is in the inner lane where there is also the entrance to the pitlane.

Just after the pitlane entrance there is an XLC.

In front of your car on the same lane there is another car that you want to overtake.

When you press and hold the UP arrow button on the SCP, your car will go over the pitlane entrance ignoring it (because this lane changer will move the car from an outside to an inner lane) but will correctly change lane on the XLC.

With the stock SSD lane changers, you can use both the up and down buttons for changing lane.


If you id a car with ID 1 to 6 they can also count laps on the APB...if you really want that. The Type B1 chips can also be used to work on the AC coming from the APB but you need to solder the pickup wires on the bottom pads of the chip.

Personally, what I do when I run oXigen is to remove the APB and hook my track directly to the DC power supply. If I want to run SSD I just put the APB back.

IMPORTANT: remove the APB if you want to put DC power directly to the rails.


As for embedding the ssd digital parts in the wood have a look at what John has done here: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=128553

Bloody good read! He basically manage to use SSD boards, solenoids and flippers in a wood track that can also take 1/24! Cannot get better than this.


Yes, the S/F line can be set at the beginning of the pitlane or at the end. You just need to put the magnets accordingly and set up the right option in Chrono (the Slot.it RMS for oXigen which is for free!).

Download the Base O2 Manual from here: http://www.slot.it/INGLESE/Oxigen_Manuals.html

You will find most of the info there.


Scorpius is another Pro system and have other feature set (like Lane brains that give precise info of where a car is).

The newer scorpius chip can control the SSD as well, but currently only if you use ID 1 to 5. Anything above it and the lane changer will not operate. However they are working on it to solve this issue.

So soon you should be able to use all the ID from 1 to 24.

I like the fact that the scorpius controller has the battery all internals (no power wires coming out of it). However, there is a new version of the SCP controller called 2.4 that will also have a lipo battery inside the handle.

Personally I do not like where the scorpius knobs and buttons are placed and the limited curves options (you only have 10 pre-selected curves that you can choose from). But that's me.

Others do not like the SCP for exactly the same reason i like them (too complex to operates).


My suggestion here is to try and test them before you commit.

Sorry for the wordy reply.




"I am an expert at the top of my field when mowing the lawn".

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