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Roger Miller


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I buy are car and set a plan.

Its nieve of us to not buy / procure the parts we need at the same time, as well.



All I see in below image is the amount of room around the rear tyres.




So it comes. Nice.


I disasemble it.


Put it in a box...and go and organise the additional parts I need, .....now.




It might sit in that box......awhile.


So I gets it out and motors jammed. A steel shim has gotten in and stuck to magnet.


Order a new motor.


I now wrap them ALL with tape.




Meanwhile, check out those filled tyre spaces.




Finally gets it all together and go for test.


2 laps and gears jam up !



Back at base, inspection reveals pinnion has slipped along motor shaft.

Matye next time.


O and the wheels wouldnt quite fit, so I went another way, .....for now.





...............Take it easy

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These Avantslot cars are a challenge. Very light, way too fast motors, fragile chassis. They work really well when you get all these bits lined up properly though.


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A challenge is adjusting the independant, front ride height.


6 screws...lots of small turns.




Next will be how to keep that wing on.

...............Take it easy

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I must have got mine just right. Fortunately i had no issues setting mine up with nsr 16x10 rears and stock motor. I don't use it much tho, it's much more a club race car than a bash laps special.

My mum says I'm an excellent driver

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