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Zegas Rally Track

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Thanks for the ego boost guys.

The camera makes it all look better than it really is.

Will start on the landscape surrounding the servo next so its not so much an island.

Got some ideas so will be interesting to see how they pan out.



Like public loos.



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The one on the left is insulated so a bit cooler for those hotter days, while the right I think is a chuck and dump convenience.

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Finally got some landscaping done.

Was starting with a lagoon, then thought jungle, then though invasion.

Something a bit different from the norm.

Rally Nam section.






Picture quality a bit poor I'll get my good camera onto it when I have finished it off.

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I think it was in Beverley Hills Cop, don't know which one though, that had a quote "you can never have too much fire power"


Yes it is foil, I used the dull side and think it gives just enough reflection.

I have previously painted and then poured in watered down PVA which also works well but foil gives a more natural reflection.

I thought of using foil when I was at a lake and really noticed that it doesn't matter how murky the water is, at an acute angle it still has a silvery colour to it.


Here are some better photos.



The rocks and dirt are sandstone from my place, glued in place then sprayed with hairspray (liberally and many coats)

Then brushed over with burnt umber and burnt sienna.



The planting at the corner have not been planted yet, I am waiting on more plants of varying varieties.



Overview, I am thinking this whole section will be jungle or the like.



This should look better once the PVC dries but shows the subtle reflection.


For cheap chinese model plants I am pretty happy with them, I bit of aging on the palms, I browned up the lower fronds, left the upper green and weathered the trunks on the light ones only and they came up OK.

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Not a lot of progress on this track for a while, been busy on other projects.


What I have done over the past couple of months though is design and build a 50's style diner and created it using a 3D printer.

Not one piece is glued all slot and fit.


Finally got the electrical done today 3mm LED for the eaves and 5mm LED for the entry. They are all recessed to give a spot light effect.

The "neon lights" are EL Wire. $5 for 4m including adapter from China, easy enough to rewire but you do need the adapter for them as they convert from DC to AC, so if you are cutting them shorter you'll need another adapter for each section you want to reuse.

3 modes - Solid or 2 different flashing.

Totally recommend them.


I think the doors are a bit big, lets just say the diner is in Texas, otherwise I am pretty happy with it so far.

Will be using document cover clear protector sheets for the windows/door infill, also have to do the backdrop and roof, that'll just be painted/printed card.


This is it at 9v, will be 12v when all complete and fully hard wired.







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Looks too good,


I'll have a couple of cheese burgers, large fries and a Pepsi thanks.

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Been crook the past couple of days, so you know what that means.

I been designing and building, well just the road verge & linemarking, the rest had been done over the past few weeks.


This I did a few weeks back.

Started out with a drum (3D printed) and some clear orange painted plastic.

A two dollar flickering LED tea light candle gives it a nice un-uniform flicker.




Then a ball of cotton wool superglued to the top, then pulled apart to shape.




Finished in place, shame pics don't show flicker.




Moving on to last week.


Thought a railway was in order so designed and printed a trestle, used my wife's sewing/hemming pins as the rivets, looks the biz huh.

Beams, sleepers & track also 3D printed.






Add a bit of regulatory signage (Austroads compliant of course)





And its all starting to come together, need more signage though.


So for the signposts - Pop rivets, what else.




Drill a 3mm hole and they sit right in.




Note the old linemarking in the shot above, pretty amateurish I thought, so how to make it a bit more formal?

Oh yeah 3D print of course ... duh!.


So printed out line marking and chevrons at 0.3mm thickness not perfect but a hell of a lot better.






Sometimes you just want to miniaturise yourself, Zestie's is looking mighty inviting this time of year, looks like they're doing good business too.


My daughter made me promise to put some roadkill on the track so....

The Hare and the tortoise taught us not to be the Hare.




Also anyone guess what the new resident in the garage is.

For answer highlight the line below the image.



1953 Chevy Bel Air

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Thanks for the accolades.


There's a lot of trial and error going on, more error and trial than right.

But its fun, relaxing and a lot of learning as you go.

Beer helps a lot, fills in the time when you are standing around thinking how the bloody hell am I going to do this.


The camera has a lot to do with it too, is a cheap phone camera which I find hides all the mistakes.

By getting in close and focusing on the finished parts It also makes it look a lot more finished than it is.




I had to go to Jaycar today to get more printer filament and bugger me if they had a mini camera on sale, well just had to get that.


So what do you do first with it.


Show everyone my beer gut and unfinished track of course.


Here's a quick run showing just how much work is yet to go, I think it is going to take years.


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Thought it time for a small update.

Not a lot of advancement except for mountain scene and railroad crossing.


Railroad crossing is a ramp up and down, can negotiate at a reasonable speed, but too fast and you get airborne going down the hill into the far end loop seen in pic1.

This is eventually going to be an orchard but I need to put some fencing up first, similar to the uphill side of the rail crossing, to stop cars plowing into the trees.

There will be transmission towers, last pic that will be going up along the ridgeline of the mountain range.

















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