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Zegas Rally Track

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After a few false starts, rout & plastic options - finally a goer.


Was going to keep the plastic up but the local beer pong team kept bitching that I was taking up far too much space.

That's the problem with sharing facilities, so a compromise was reached and once the swelling went down and I could see again I started revision umpteen.

This time a rally track & I was not going to post anything till this one had power and timing just to make sure it wasn't another flop.


I really liked the plastic track shape it was flowing and fun but to save space a few alterations were required, reducing radii and lanes for a start.


Inspired by following JohnsXR8's new build I spent a day planning, followed by a savage trip to Bunnings in the most vicious of ways.


So the plan, it is two directional but arrows are the intended direction.

17.6m total length, min radius 175mm.

Cut at min 60mm inside curve and min 110mm outside.

Total table length 4m, width 900mm (compact huh)



I am using Race Co-Ordinator for timing with an Arduino setup.


Chassis is three tables




Elevations sorted











Painted with Norglass ""Slate" paving paint with Berger Jet Dry True Grip additive, This way I can control the amount of "grit"




Copper Taped & temporary light bridge added, I'll craft a better one later.

Also there will be sensors at start and end of straight to time straight line speed.

This is set up in RC as a two lane track so both the lap & drag are recorded.




Start LEDs are embedded into the track at the start/finish line, there is a reverse switch so can race in either direction & I used XLR plugs for power and controller, opposite gender "so we don't go plugging into the wrong one now eh kids!".

Bottom row LEDs are red 1 to 5.

Top is green for .... yeah, you get it huh.




Again this is temporary, just a quick cardboard jobby.




And the working setup, haven't done the sensors at start and end of straight yet that'll come soon.




Then on with the scenery, already got some ideas.


Big thanks to John for building his track and getting me off my arse and going with this.

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Lol no worries for motivating you Grant! Looks Great by the way. You should post up a video for us to see what it drives like as it looks like a fun layout.


Cheers John

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A couple of videos, one in each direction ... not at speed


I'm really enjoying this track, some of my cars that I never really enjoyed I am finding again



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Thanks guys,

I'd be up for that Alexis, have really enjoyed following this years IPS and it would be good to add an extra track in Australia.

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So ... that temporary light bridge, the trendy loo roll jobby.

Yeah, gone, meet the new "light bridge".














Not finished yet, go to bed down proper, some roof signage and still have to do the surrounding landscaping.

Thinking about adding a pressure bell, not sure if it would get annoying going of every lap. Maybe I'll just add a decorative bell instead.

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Looks Great...


ps. You could just change the sound effect for lap completed in RC to a bell...


Done, and not as annoying as I thought it would be.

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Finally the fuel guys came and installed the pump.


Servo got ram raided though in the meantime and the roller door took the brunt of it.








Pretty happy :D

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