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Sideways Ford Mustang Turbo Gtp 1982

Vinno's Photo Vinno 02 Aug 2016

Another new model, this time from Sideways is the Ford Mustang Turbo GTP 1982. There are actually two of these that have been released together, the other a 1981 version which is really just a different livery overall. As is usual these are very well put together and beautifully detailed. They will go well alongside all the other Group 5 cars Sideways has been releasing over the last few years.

Posted Image

Posted Image

manimmal's Photo manimmal 02 Aug 2016


difinity's Photo difinity 03 Aug 2016

Love it. Now need to work out the Moffat version...

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 04 Aug 2016

Very nice...
Does anyone know what other liveries are planned?

tommi2's Photo tommi2 12 Aug 2016

looks fantastic

MelbourneModelRacewayRacer's Photo MelbourneModelRacewayRacer 02 Jan 2017

These Mustangs fly around Melbourne Model Raceway. I've added some weight to the front, but the main benefit has been fitting Ortmann tyres. Much quicker than MJK. It is just as fast and predicable at my NSR sports cars, despite the higher centre of gravity.

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 09 Jan 2017

Picked up my Miller's liveried one on the weekend...
As above, added a little weight just behind the front axle, threw on some MJK's, and it's a pleasure to drive...

Definately easier to setup than my Capri, which is still refusing to run right...