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Slot.it Alfa Romeo 155 V6

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 09 Aug 2016

Hmmm, a 'blue' scaleauto axle stopper (as found on the Viper) is the same diameter as the hub.
I think, with a little fiddling, I may be able to get it to work, but it wasn't happening easily...

Back to the Porsche hubs...
Damn inserts not wanting to come out...
Mumble grumble, etc.

I guess, I could fit just 1x Full hub...
Nah, that'd be 'cheating'...
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manimmal's Photo manimmal 10 Aug 2016

What a great run you're having... i'm curious to hear how she behaves once you get all the 4wd bits sorted. I persnoanally would have preferred the alfa to be released as awd, or at least with a syggested parts list for conversion included.
Mine is a great runner and to this point all i have done is fit .5mm braid, screw loosening, glue and lube. My friend was so impressed with it he got one, and it is virtually identical. I have kept the stock tyres on both cars and consider them about right, more grip would make them tippy.

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 10 Aug 2016

To give it a run, I've fitted a Ninco / MSC 'o-ring' belt on the Slot.it pulleys.
On my tight twisty 'slipery' scaley track, it has definately made a difference.

So, a parts list...

  • Full hub (15.8mm x ~8mm) Alloy Rears - PA-17mg (Only Magnesium Hubs are listed on slot.it site...)
  • Full hub (15.8mm x ~8mm) Alloy Rears - WH1050-AL (From Armchair Site, possibly old stock)

  • 16t Pulleys - CH99
  • 17t Pulleys - CH100
  • 94t Belt (To Be Confirmed) - CH108
  • Pulley Plates / Spacers - CH98

Front Wheels (Assembled) <-- Cheaper way...
  • 15.8mm Rims - CH72as
Front Wheels (Build yourself) <-- Handy if you have spares already
  • One Way Bearings - CH96
  • Stub Axles - CH96
  • Spacers - CH94 (1 Pack does between 3 and 6 wheels)
  • Circlips - CH97 (1 Pack does 10 wheels)
  • 15.8mm Rims - CH72

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gazza's Photo gazza 12 Aug 2016

You forgot to add the cost :)

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 12 Aug 2016

That's easy.

Total cost: $Way Too Much.

Roger Miller's Photo Roger Miller 30 Aug 2016

My 2 bobs.

Nice car.
Works better than expected.
Suppressor is PC board accross motor terms, now. Black donk end bell as said earlier.
inline only as its a different motor pod gggrrrr.
Adjustable height front end, without screws though.
Paints [finish] a little dull.

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kash15394's Photo kash15394 01 Sep 2016

Roger you are right about better than expected. So far wood track guide and decent braid along with a change of rear wheels and tyres.Have also dopped the crown down in teeth ..front axle adjustment still to happen. Hopefully will be all ok when done.