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2016 Tasman Cup Wrap Up And Prizes.

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So now the 2016 Tasman Cup has come and gone.


Unfortunately the little issue with Auspost after the first round, whilst it provided a bit of comic relief, probably put a bit of a dampener on things generally. I felt the momentum and continuity was lost but I guess that by the end of it all we had a good series and a really close result that wasn’t known until the very end.



Once again may I say a big, big thank you to all of our hosts for the 2016 Series. Phil and Bruce in Tassie, Alan and John in Adelaide and Terry in NSW.


To all the drivers, marshals, helpers and never forgetting Mrs. Broke thank you for your participation. It just isn’t possible without you.


Now to the competitors. Congratulations on your efforts once again. The size of the field increased from 18 to 24 this year with a number of first time entrants and some returning after a little break.


The consensus was that the overall standard of construction was better this year. Well done all.


This year we had entries from Canada, England, and Malaysia and of course New Zealand. Locally we had entries from all states and territories except WA and the NT.


To our International entrants thank you very much for supporting our series. Your participation is a great chance for us to see quality cars up close and we hope you have fun and we look forward to seeing you back next year.



The prize pool this year is


Winner, The Grandkids, $120.00

Runner Up, John Batich $80.00

Third prize, Old23 $60.00


I’ll be in touch about transferring the cash.


I would also like to say a really big thank you to Paul Gage who was very generous with his support this season and I am pleased to say that all competitors will receive two pairs of Paul’s tyres which are suitable for this class of car.



Once again there were a number of watchers following the series this year. At the risk of repeating myself, join in the fun next year. We want the series to be about participation and learning new skills and techniques. Don’t look for a reason not to enter. Just have a go. You will find that a lot of the current entrants will give you tips and advice before, during and after the series. You have nothing to lose by having a go.


So I hope you all had a bit of fun and hope that you all will come back and play again next year.

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Alan Stubbings

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Very generous prizes, Alan, thanks! :)

I really enjoy the annual off-season trip to the Tasman Cup Proxy. It's a bit of a shame that the Northern Hemisphere contingent has waned in recent years, but that has been more than offset by the fantastic local enthusiasm you have built. I am amazed at, and very envious of, what you have acheived with this event. Keep up the good work and prepare yourself for an even bigger field next year!



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As a first time entrant this year with 14 must add my congratulations to all , organisers , hosts , and all those who make this possible , and to all those who have helped me with advice on where i,m going wrong chuckle, also big congrats to the top three well deserved great cars and to fellow entrants what a great field looking at some of the pictures really is a class field, fingers aren't like they used to be for chassis building hence the modified Beardog which i found a good base to work from and next year hopefully 14 will be a better car . :)

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Oh No! The GKids won cash last year,that seemed to double buy the time they had finished spending it, of course you can guess where the Top Up come from!

Thanks to all involved in running the series this year.

I think the Win by the kids just goes to show you do not have to be able to scratch build a chassis, there car used a PPL fold up chassis! No big tuning secrets in that one just carefully assembly under my watchful eyes and looking at the spec sheet of the better cars from last year.




Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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Thanks all - I think the #30 may be retired after its Top 10 finish and a race win (woohoo! - sorry I am pretty chuffed about that)


I have another body in mind for next year (a Ferguson P99 so Graham gets another drive) - and will either use a new chassis based on a design I saw on HRW forum or I might go for a PP chassis and spend more time working on the running gear - chassis clearance etc...


Lots of fun - thank you to all drivers and hosts - I never thought I would be that interested in proxy racing but have enjoyed tracking the progress of my little brm brm the past two years.

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Thanks again and will work out how to make the little car faster and less slippy next time.

As req though, can you hold returning the car until after 20 August when I get back from touring through SE Asia?


Thanks., t

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