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Tyre Razor Experiences?

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Thanks for that. I did see that Armchair were carrying the pulleys. They look like old stock from Area 3 rather than Tire Razor ones to me- but regardless I was reluctant to pay $35 + freight to buy one.


On a more positive note I have 2 of the power supplies you asked about. They are a great bit of kit and nice and compact. The only issue I have had is that the on / off switch died on one after 10 years of very regular use on my tyre lathe. A replacement switch was just a couple of bucks and a doddle to fit. I recommend them. Hope this helps.


I agree $35 + S&H for something so small is very steep, why it is this much astounded me when I saw that. I can only see near to $5 for the pulley.


Yes your reply certainly does help me and has completed my decision to go ahead with the purchase, though $550+ it is a very expensive bit of kit, and only analog to boot for the PS, personal preference would be digital display.



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I am buying the tyre truer as well which is expected to retail around $300, that is the part that really hurts but hey, it is all turn key

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