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Rally Track Hidden Power Connections Assistance

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I've previously built a flat rally track with plenty of loops which all require separate wiring to power each loop which I have no problem with.


Seeing as I'd never done anything like this before and in a rush to get power to the track I tried to counter sink screws and lay the braid above however I generally found that this didn't work as not enough of the braid touched the screw head. The next step involved screwing the screw in to the braid (guaranteed to have great connectivity) but looks terrible. The screws create minor issues for cars as they don't sit flush to the track and screwing them in to MDF can cause imperfections in the slot.


Here is a photo of the old / current screws (notice where one of the screws was placed, it caused the slot to narrow and had to be moved). And yes my building skills leave a lot to be desired :) We all need to start somewhere.




What I really want is for no screws to be visible or even better not to have any screws at all.


Here is a rather crude diagram of the current and a proposed new way... not sure if the new can be done or is the right way to go about it. I'd have to drill a hole at the base of the routed slot to run wiring. The track is on a single 2.4x1.2 MDF board so no option to terminate the braid at an edge.



Any suggestions on how to do this or use another method would be gratefully received.






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Mark the usual way to connect to the braid is to drill a hole and thread the braid down thru the hole and connect under the track.

As you have cut the braid this is no longer possible.

I would simply remove the screws drill right thru the track, run the wire up and solder the wire to the braid.

If you are careful the finished job should look better.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


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