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lenny broke

Points Score Keeping In Rc??

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Hi Guys,

I'd like to set up my RC to collate point scores over a 5 round series based on overall race finishing positions. First of all is it possible? If so, can someone point me in the direction of a "how to" or post something here to show how it's done please.



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Firstly, I believe that it's possible...

However, I've never used the feature.


There is a setup guide on the Race Coordinator site that may help though...


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A bit late on the scene but did you ever get this answered? We've been using RC for awarding points in the heats for a win and fastest lap, then awarding points in the finals and one for fastest lap in the final, all then being collated and put into a Season Championship table each year for the last 4 years, this being our fifth. If you still need help give me a shout :)

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