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Mcn General Regulations

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- The entrant having paid their entry fees for an event shall comply with the regulations

as set down and abide by the decisions of the race organisation and its director.



- Cars must comply with the specifications for their class and any relevant general rules

at all times while racing.

- All repairs and replacement components must comply with the specifications for the

relevant class.

- Any component may be replaced with the exception of the chassis and body

- Cars will be inspected prior to qualifying and as outlined in the event schedule.

- After preliminary inspection all cars will be impounded until required for qualifying.

- Cars may be inspected at any time at the discretion of the race director.

- Any car may be required to undergo a tear down inspection after racing.

- The scrutineer’s interpretation of the rules shall be final. The scrutineer is also

empowered to rule on any area of a cars construction not specifically covered by the




- The event organiser will provide a safe area where cars will be impounded. Typically

they stay in park ferme after scrutineering until they are eliminated from the

completion of racing.

- Drivers may remove cars from PARK FERME prior to qualifying and must return the

car back after they qualify to the PARK FERME . Like wise after racing cars have to be

returned to PARK FERME.

- All cars stay impounded until end of racing.



- Any controller device may be used as long as it does not increase voltage to the track.

- The race director and scrutineer may inspect controllers at his discretion.

- Any device, which is found to interfere with the track computer system, shall be

disqualified from the event.

- Only the entered driver(s) may operate any devise, which controls their car on the


- There must be no outside assistance in the operation of controllers, chokes etc.

- All drivers must stand at the control panel for their lane when driving.

- Only drivers competing in the current race event will be allowed at the driver’s panel.



- Drivers and their pit crews are expected to conduct themselves in a professional

manner at all times.

- Abusive, offensive and unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate penalties

being imposed.

- Drivers are cautioned that they are responsible for the actions of their pit crews



- The race director will advise drivers and/or pit crews of their marshalling duties.

- Failure to perform required duties will result in a penalty.

- Drivers and/or pit crews who are unable to marshal due to a disability are required

to nominate an acceptable substitute.



- The race director will demand the removal from the track of any car which is found to

be dragging on the track or interfering with other cars like continually de-slotting. The

car may be repaired and returned to the track. If the problem continues the black flag

will be enforced again.



- If required, the race director will apply penalties for rule infractions.

- Penalties may range from warnings to exclusion from the event according to the

severity of the offence.



- The “Johnson Racing Systems” computer system incorporates the following unique

features which drivers must be aware of :

- Rider Detection - The system will implement an automatic “track call” if it detects a

lap time shorter than a pre-programmed time delay and the lap is not counted. This

time delay is usually set to 1/10th of a second shorter than the fastest qualifier. Cars,

which cross the lap counter on the wrong lane causing such a “track call”, will be

replaced on the correct lane immediately before the lap counter, thereby eliminating

any gained or lost laps. Drivers should also be aware that the system treats each

bracket as a continuation of the proceeding bracket. Therefore if a car is moved

forward on the track during a lane change it will trigger a short lap “track call” when it

crosses the lap counter. If this should happen then the offending car will not be

credited with the lap and will restart from where it stopped. This is effectively a one

lap penalty for cheating during lane changes.

- Time Factor - At the end of the last bracket for each race all cars must continue until

they cross the lap counter. As each car crosses the lap counter the power on their

lane is shut off by the computer. This eliminates the need to take footage and means

that all positions on the computer are correct at the end of racing. each car is given a

time factor, which is the time from when the bracket expired, to when the car crossed

the lap counter (accurate to 1,000th of a second). Drivers must be aware that the race

does not finish until they all cross the lap counter or a minimum of 10 seconds




- Track Calls will be initiated only in the following circumstances :

- Automatic rider track call.

- Cars off on the main straight or in banked corners.

- Un-marshalable car.

- A marshal has too many cars off to cope with.

- Marshal not in position.

- Fault on track or timing system.



- The race Directors decision is bound and final and there is no appeal on the decision.



- In the interest of safety and health there will be no smoking within the raceway at all


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