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Regulations 1/24 Slotworx V8

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1/24 SLOTWORX V8 Rules 2016



a) All 5 models of Lexan bodies can be used: Holden, Ford, Nissan,

Mercedes and Volvo.

Modern, retro or fantasy liveries accepted. Body must be completely

painted or decal coloured. Minimum of 3 race numbers on the car.

c) Only the supplied body mount plates can be used.

d) Rear wings must be attached in the original position.

e) Rear lower tank/diffuser must be installed and can be no shorter than

22mm when measured from the back to front of the car.

f) Supplied kit interior must be used with minimum 3 colours and driver

must appear to be wearing a seat belt harness.





a) Only the chassis components pictured can be used.

The chassis must be assembled in the exact manner and orientation of

the pictured chassis. Ensure that axle carriers are installed in the same

orientation as the exploded picture. IE rear axle carrier to the REAR of

the chassis and the front axle carrier to the REAR of the “T” plate.

c) Wheel base and polar length cannot be altered in any way from the

pictured chassis.

d) No traction magnets allowed, only magnets present are in the motor.

e) The chassis must be assembled with screws and nuts using the original

mounting holes. No drilling of additional holes.

f) Front tee plate must have at least 2 springs present for suspension.

g) Only 3mm axle oilites can be used, no roller bearings. Gluing or soldering

of axle oilites permitted, no other chassis soldering allowed.

h) Flattening and de burring of the chassis is permitted. Any blueprinting

not specifically mentioned in these rules is not allowed.

i) The length of the guide blade cannot exceed 27. 0 mm and this guide

blade is the only part of the chassis that may enter the track's slot.

j) No additional mechanical aids or dampening allowed to the “H” plate,

this includes tape.

k) Parts of free make are restricted to the following:

1) Nuts, bolts, spacers, washers and springs.

2) Guide and guide nut.

3) Braid, braid clips & lead wires.

4) Axles.

5) Ballast weights.

6) 3 dimensional wheel inserts.

7) M50 spur gear and pinion.

8) Motor Mounting bracket and stays.


Weight & Dimensions

a) Minimum total weight 150g

1.0mm minimum ground clearance at the start of the race. Ground

clearance during or at the end of any race is never less than 0.5mm.

c) The ground clearance will be measured with the guide out of play so

that all four wheels sit flat on the tech block with the body removed.

d) Maximum front spur 79.0mm measured at the widest point including

any protruding wheel inserts.

e) Maximum rear spur 81.0mm measured at the widest point including any

protruding wheel inserts.

f) Additional weighting of the chassis may only be on top of the chassis

only. Weights cannot be visible when viewing the chassis from below.

No additional weighting to the body or body mounting plates.


Motor & Gears

a) Plafit Fox 4 with original factory markings visible.

Soldering may only be used to attach the lead wires to the motor

terminals and guide braid clips.

c) Motor coolers or heat dissipating products of any kind are not


d) Only M50 pitch pinion and M50 spur gears only.

e) 44T rear spur gear to be used. 12T pinion.


Axles and Wheels

a) Only 3mm solid steel axles permitted, no hollow or carbon axles.

All four wheels must be fitted with three-dimensional wheel inserts

correct to the car. (No photo edged or vinyl cut reproductions allowed).

c) The wheels must not protrude outside of the body when viewed from


d) Front Wheels:

1) 21mm diameter rims x 7mm wide.

2) Minimum tyre diameter at any time the race 25.0mm.

3) Hardening of the front tyres permitted.

4) No independence of the front wheels is permitted.

5) Must make a minimum of 6.0mm contact with the tech block.

e) Rear Wheels:

1) 21mm diameter rims x 13mm wide.

2) Maximum tyre width 13.0mm.

3) Minimum tyre diameter at any time during the race 25.0mm.

4) Maximum tyre diameter at start of the race 27.5mm.

5) Rear wheels are always Scale Auto ProComp 3 or Plafit rubber - both

being 'Black Magic' sponge rubber.

6) Cleaning of the tyres may only be performed with a tape roll and/or

Shellite provided by the Race Direction.

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