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Regulations 1/27 Plafit Mini-Z Gt

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1.0 BODY

1.1. Only Mini-Z Hard Plastic GT Bodies which are listed on the official body list are

allowed to be used. No street cars, race cars only which have to feature at least

two race numbers and some typical modern GT Car race sponsor logo decals.

1.2. White unpainted body kits can be used however all kit parts have to be included

during assembly. Body has to be painted and decaled.

1.3. All body detail parts like mirrors, windscreen wipers, wings etc. have to be

retained on the body at all times.

1.4. Rear wings can be rubber mounted. Aftermarket mirrors are allowed.

1.5. Ford GT has to have rear wing (AR-086 or AR-090) fitted.

1.6. The body holders (both sides and front) for the Kyosho display chassis can be

removed and sanded. No other part of the body can be sanded, lightened or

modified in any way.

1.7. All wheel arches are not allowed to be sanded and/or widened.

1.8. A two piece driver interior (vacuum formed with separate drivers head) is to be

used. The interior has to cover all windows and open cockpits. No chassis parts

are allowed to be visible. Half sized interiors are allowed and rear window plus

both rear side windows can be painted black from the inside.


2.1. Only Plafit Super24 #1700 (no #1700G and SLP versions) and Plafit4 #1900

(not #1900S) can be used.

2.2. All Plafit #1700 and #1900 chassis system parts can be used except #1700G and

SLP parts. Plafit #3309, B and C in combination with #1705G/S/K can be used.

2.3. No chassis parts mixing between #1700 and #1900 chassis systems except for

#1707B - F. Body Mount Plates #1906S, #1906SN and #1906SO can be used

for flat body mounting.

2.4. Chassis has to be adjusted according to the body and its dimensions, making

sure that all wheels are covered by the body when viewed from above.

2.5. Chassis set-up has to be done only within its design limits and only with the

original accessories i.e. changing spring tension or the amount of chassis/body

movement etc.

2.6. All original mounting points and basic configuration must be retained.

2.7. No chassis modifications other then within its design limits.

2.8. No soldering allowed to hold motor into position. Only motor screws are to be


2.9. Body tape or plastic strip may be used to hold lead wires in place.

2.10. Additional weight may be added as long as it is placed on top of the chassis.

2.11. Chassis springs, spacers and/or additional screws and nuts may be substituted,

added or removed.

2.12. Plafit flat body mounts can be used on both chassis in their intended position

either as additional weight or for body mounting.

2.13. No mount plates protruding into wheel arches however minor re-shaping of the

flat body mount plates for proper body fitment is allowed.

2.14. No Traction Magnets.

2.15. Chassis blue-printing is allowed. No excessive sanding for weight reduction !


3.1. Minimum 1.0mm under the entire chassis including gear for non-magnet racing.


4.1. Solid 3mm one piece non-independent only.

4.2. Any 3 x 6mm oilite axle bushings or 3 x 6mm axle ball bearings.


5.1. Any 3mm axle diameter Aluminum Wheels. Minimum diameter including tire is


5.2. Minimum wheel/tire width is 7mm. No independent front wheels allowed.

5.3. Any black tires, sponge or rubber.

5.4. To retain true-to-scale appearance the wheel diameter is determined by the

individual wheel arch size of the body used.


6.1. Any 3mm axle diameter Aluminum Wheels. Minimum diameter including tire is


6.2. Plafit Black Magic Sponge Tires, Plafit Rubber Tires (labelled) as well as

Scaleauto ProComp3 Sponge Tires are allowed to be used.

6.3. Use of Goo and/or any other tire softener, liquids etc. is not allowed. Cleaning with

Tape or Shellite only is permitted.

6.4. To retain true-to-scale appearance the wheel diameter is determined by the

individual wheel arch size of the body used.


7.1 3D Wheel inserts have to be used at all times.


8.1. Solid 3mm metal axle only.

8.2. Any 3 x 6mm oilite axle bushings or 3 x 6mm axle ball bearings.


9.1. Any plastic 50 pitch spur gears for 3mm axles.


10.1. Any 50 pitch.

11.0 MOTOR

11.1. Only 13D Plafit 8635 IV Motor

11.2. Original lettering has to be visible.

11.3. Sealed Motors are not to be opened or modified in any way.

11.4. Any lead wire.


12.1. Minimum total car weight is 160g.


Mini-Z Body Sets

GT Class List 2016



MZP212 Aston Martin DBR9

MZP419 Audi R8 LMS

MZX25 Chevrolet Corvette C5-R

MZP129R Ferrari F355 Challenge

MZX310 Ferrari 360GTC

MZX321 Ferrari F40

MZP224 Ferrari F70 (LaFerrari)

MZX311 Ferrari 575GTC

MZP201 Ferrari Enzo

MZP220 Ferrari Enzo GT Concept

MZP216 Ferrari 599XX

MZP221 Ferrari 458GT2

MXP328 Ferrari F430GT

MZX211 Ferrari FXX

MZX209 Ford GT *

MZP301 Honda NSX 2003

MZX315 Honda NSX 2005

MZP/MSX324 Honda NSX 2007

MZP218 Honda HSV-010

MZP228 Honda NSX Concept

MZG202 Lamborghini Diablo VT

MZP215 Lamborghini Murcielago GT1

MZX319 Lexus SC430 (2006)

MZP223 Lexus SC430 (2012)

MZP415KM Mazda RX-7 FC

MZX203 McLaren F1 GTR LM

MZP213 McLaren F1 GTR LT

MZP226 McLaren MP4-12 GT3

ZK-008 McLaren MP4-12 GT3

MZG305 Nissan 350Z 2004

MZX317 Nissan 350Z 2005

MZP/MSX325 Nissan 350Z 2007

MZG306 Nissan 350Z Hasemi Endless

MZP411 Nissan GT-R

MZP214 Nissan GT-R R35

R246 Nissan R390 GT1

MZP330 Porsche 911 GT1

MZP126 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

MZX303 Toyota Supra 2003

MZP334 Toyota GT-One


* Must have Rear Wing AR-086 or AR90  


Note : This list does not claim to be complete.

Changes and updates will be made if necessary.

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