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alexis in greece

Kilslot Chassis

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Re Kilslot chassis i stand by Fabien,just because SCX rally cars are too nice to be left asside but dont stand a chance racing against the likes of MSC ,Avant etc , and with these chassis they move some steps closer


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Here are my SCX /kilslot cars









The most surprising trasfrmation was the Lancia 037

Re Delta,since the photo was shot i modified the chassis to accept a flat6 motor,stunning


I have assembled the Fiat 131 also but no photo yet

I have still to assemble the BMW m3 and the Lancia S4


By the way for those of you that own Ninco cars and wish to replace a standard Mabuchi witha long can motor(NC2/boxer) he produces the motor mount needed(for those cars that have a separate one)


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i tried the scx xara last night on a race track... the car is amazing. It does not react the same. No more weight need in the back for grip. this is great.

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slowly building a scx xara saintz on a kilslot chassis... for the time beeing it is goind well but the car is not braking straight. It does a nice left slide on heavy braking. I am now changing the front wheels. the car is amazing with the new chassis.

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Right where do you get them, I've tried and found their site but very, very limited only 4 chassis on there and 3 of them are anglewinders to be even thought of there needs to be a MUCH better variety and let's face it a HRS chassis is the better way to go and what with Devis designs and 3D, Shape ways, olifer turning out chassis there is more variety from theses firms, have to look at the complete picture from everyone's point of view, by the way i have A SCX Xara which to quote Cureff is truly amazing with a hrs chassis in it .

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One issue is that HRS is quite wide and long to fit under certain bodies,then there is the cost issue kilslot @ 8 euros HRS @~15 euros

Their list of chassis contain several of them,here it is:

Serie Ks-A. Chasis anglewinder completo. Peso: 10-11 gr. P.V.P. 9.90 €


Ks-AP1- Peugeot 306 NINCO angle.


Ks-AM1- Renault Megane NINCO angle. Ks-AF1- Ford fiesta SCX angle.

Ks-AC1- Citroën DS3 SCX angle.


Ks-AP2- Volkswagen Polo SuperSlot angle.* Ks-AL1- Lancia 037 NINCO angle *

KS-AP3-Peugeot 207 y Mitsubishi Avant angle.


KS-AS1-Subaru Avant angle.


KS-AX1- Citroën Xsara Pro SCX angle. KS-AP4- Porsche 914/6 R SRC angle. Ks-AF2- Ford RS 200 MSC angle

Ks-AC2- Seat Cordoba ninco angle.


Ks-AG1- Volkswagen Golf IV ninco angle. Ks-AM3- BMW M3 Fly angle. *



Serie Ks-N. Chasis lineal. Peso: 11-13 gr.

P.V.P. 8 €.


Ks-NF1- Ford fiesta SCX. Ks-NC1- Citroën DS3 SCX .

Ks-NP1 -Volkswagen Polo SuperSlot. *


Ks-NM1- Mini Carrera. *


Ks-BM1- Opel Manta 400 SLOTER. Ks-BM2- Opel Manta 400 AVANT. Ks-BR1- Renault maxi SPIRIT.

Ks-BP1- Peugeot 205 T 16 SPIRIT.


Ks-BD1- Lancia Delta S4 SCX. * Ks-BF1- Fiat 131 abarth SCX.

Ks-BM3-Metro MSC.


Ks-BL1- Lancia 037 NINCO. *


Ks-BA1 . Audi Quattro S1 Revell.


Ks-BA2 - Audi Quattro S1 SuperSlot. * Ks-BA3 - Audi Quattro SCX.

Ks-BA4 . Audi Quattro corto Revell.


Ks-BA5 . Audi Quattro Team Slot. Ks-BP2- Porsche 911 Carrera SCX. Ks-BP3- Porsche 959 MSC. *

Ks-BP5- Porsche 914/6 R SRC.


Ks-BF2- Ford RS 200 MSC.


Ks-BP4- Peugeot 207 y Mitsubishi Avant. Ks-BS1- Subaru Avant.

Ks.BR5-Renault 5 Maxi Turbo SCX.


Ks-CL1- Lancia 037 SCX. *


Ks-CM1- BMW M3 SCX Altaya. * Ks-CM2- Renault Megane NINCO. Ks-CP1- Peugeot 306 NINCO.

Ks-CS1- Ford Sierra NINCO. *


Ks-CC1- Seat Cordoba SCX. Ks-CC2- Seat Cordoba ninco.

Ks-CG1- Volkswagen Golf IV ninco. Ks-CD1- Lancia Delta Integrale SCX. * Ks-CX1- Citroën Xsara pro SCX.

Ks-CX2- Citroën Xsara WRC SCX. Ks-CM3- BMW M3 Fly. *

Ks-CP2-Peugeot 206 WRC SCx


*Se necesita alguna modificación en la carrocería (ver pdf ¨montajes especiales¨)

Edited by alexis in greece


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Thanks for the info Alexis wanted a inline one to try out for a SCX C4 don't know why i,m having a problem with their site but only still getting 4 chassis and 5 lexan interiors, then a load of electrical gear like boxes and things like that

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