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My Lotus 16 Collection (So Far)

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Good to see you sticking with the tractor tyres, like the originals.

Great collection.

I recently got my hands on a dark green Aussie version,but not in great condition. But had to have it as it was the same as one I had back in the sixties.

So far I have managed to source most of what I had back then.Just need a Big Head Yellow Lotus.

Original cars were 3 Lotus,2 Typhoons and an Aston.

I only have one Typhoon but did pick up a Hurricane to run with it.

I wonder just what is still out there forgotten.


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Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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You could repop those smooth ones in urethane and have a lifetime supply.


I do have a supply of Urethane tractor tyres at home here John, a mate made them here in WA some time back.


Out ot the four different types of tyres I've purchased these one's seem the best, it's like the cars have magnets in them on the home Scalextric track unlike the others.


One thing I haven't tried in this hobby yet is making tyres, one day I'll try though as I have needed quite a few different tyres lately for the older cars I've been restoring.


If you know of anyone who can repop the smooth ones for me point me in the right direction please.



I reckon there would be plenty of the cars I'm out there in peoples Homes/Garages/sheds/attics etc that have been forgotten Phil.


The Dark green Type 2 Aussie version is the one that doesn't seem to pop up that often, still chasing one.


I've seen plenty of the Yellow, Blue and Red versions but not the Green.


The Yellow Big Head versions pop up every now and again, still looking for a 'complete' one as my 2 have broken motor mounts.


Even saw a Dark Blue Type 2 Made in Aus/NZ sell on Ebay a week or two ago for $585.00, someone really wanted that one.


I still don't have any of the Type 1 'Big Head' made in Australia Lotus 16's either, or the French, or that Dark Green one lol.


I'd really like to get one of each colour from the countries they are made in, but there seem to be more than just the four colours.






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Picked up a couple more Lotus 16's to add to the collection which were high on my wish list.


These are the 'Big Head' Type 1 versions, both made in Aus/NZ.


Buying off Ebay you're never sure what they'll be like until they turn up.


The pics on Ebay weren't the best but the price was right, actually a steal at $30 ea.


These 2 had the mirrors and carby's intact which was a good start.


They were a little on the dirty side and needed a little TLC, one more than the other.


Both cars had the motors removed and were given a clean with warm soapy water.


I replaced the broken windshield on the Apple Green one with another original one I had.


Here they are before the cleaning process.






And after a clean.


Both motors cleaned up surprising well and ran when re-assembled, bonus.




First Type 1 Aus/NZ Lotus 16's for the collection.





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Yeah was a pleasant surprise when it turned up although I did think it was dark green when I purchased it from the photo on Ebay.


I know the Apple Green is supposed to be the rarer colour but I now have both Type 1 and Type 2 in the Aus/NZ Apple green, but no dark green...yet.

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Had another Lotus 16 delivered yesterday.


This is another Type 1 (Big Head) Lotus 16 Made in Aus/Nz.




After the clean up.




Everything was intact and the motor is in great condition, looked pretty much unused.


The brown spots are hard to remove but I have 'lightened' them somewhat.


Another for the collection that I didn't have.





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Another Lotus 16 off the bucket list.


I purchased a set made in Australia from the Moldex Factory in Melbourne off Ebay.


As with all things purchased off Ebay you're never sure with what your going to get, just go off the description and the pictures.


I usually ask a few questions but was made aware of this at the last minute, during a Friday drinks session. (Never helps when buying slot cars :lol: ).


The set turned up today, in the condition advertised, but one of the cars has 2 different coloured halves which wasn't in the pics, lucky for me the dark green car which I wanted was near complete bar the usual mirrors and carbi's missing.


I've had the mirrors and carbi's from another Aus/NZ dark green Lotus I purchased some years back so fitted them to the car to complete it.




Had a bit of time, like most, so I dug out all the Lotus 16's I have for an updated group photo.




Always good when you can add one to the collection which you didn't have.





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Been working on restoring a few more Lotus 16's, had them all out so thought I'd post a photo up.

I've been making up some reproduction mirrors, carbs, drivers heads and exhausts from resin for those missing pieces here and there.

Also been using the Molotow Chrome Pen for the exhausts, fuel caps etc, great product.

Top 2 rows are Made in Australia/NZ.

Bottom 2 rows are Made in England 

Last 4 on the 4th row are Made in Australia

The last 2 are Made in France


Same cars but another pic just to show the many shades of colour they were made in.




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That's an awesome collection Matt.

Do you or any other restorers of the Lotus 16 have any words of wisdom as to where/if I can find replacement windscreens ....??

Cheers,  Tony.

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They pop up on Ebay all the time but I make my own.

I use the clear flat plastic covers that some foods come with, usually with a tin foil base.

If you can find one the same thickness as an original windscreen even better.

I had a windscreen which was broken in half, taped it up, flattened it and use it to make all the screens I need to replace.

If you use masking tape you can tape the original to the flat plastic and simply cut to shape.

I then fold it in half and use a hairdryer etc to bend the screen to the correct shape, without heating the plastic the screen will go white where the crease is.

Easy enough if you have one to copy otherwise you will need to buy them.

Phil Smith from scaleslotcars.com may have spares but ebay is probably the easiest.



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Awesome advice - thank you Matt.

I was looking to go down the home-built route, as they are flat plastic without any edge lips etc. but thought I would put it out there in case I might be missing something.

Will likely call on your experience again ....:).

Cheers,  Tony.

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He's a few more added to the collection.

A Type 1 Made in Australia with the metal loop braids.


Type 2 Made in Aus/NZ in the Dark Blue


And a couple of Type 1 Made in France.




Always good to pick some up I didn't have.



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Hi there,

Ok, attempt No. 2 for dropping some photos .... this looks more promising .....!!

A sad and sorry collection of Lotus 16 cars and a graveyard of bodies and parts. These are all branded 'Made in Australia and NZ', so any advice on the Big Head/Little Head and Type reference would be very helpful - Thank you Matt :).

Any advice or input would be appreciated.













The biggest issue I see, other than the obvious clean-up, is the distortion of the tail section on the upper halves ..... is there a trick eg. heat gun to try and pull them out a bit, or is it just a thing to live with if in that condition .....

Any info/advice greatfully received - Thank you.

Cheers,  Tony. 

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Hi Tony,

They look like they're the Type 2 but I have seen the smaller heads on the Type 3 which had the chrome wheels.

Looking at the wheels you have I can't see any with the chrome on them, although I can't see them all.

I have some of the Aus/NZ cars with driver painted, some without, there seem to be plenty of ways these cars were assembled at the factories.

Some have the same colour mirrors and carbs, some have two different colours.

The tail section 'distortion' I have found to be the hardest to fix, but can be done with a hairdryer/heat gun.

Slowly pulling the rear section back out and pressing down onto something hard works.

I repaired my first Lotus 16 with boiling water, reshaped the car but changed the colour of the plastic.

I also completely stuffed a car trying to reshape in boiling water, car distorted everywhere, so don't do that anymore.

When trying to close the body halves it's always good to have a dud motor in place.

Closing the two halves without the motor in place is easier actually, but the motor won't fit back in place afterwards without the halves separated again.

You can test all the motors using the brushes etc off a good motor, and if they work give them a good cleanup.

I had spent a bit of money over the years on buying parts, mirrors, carbs, wheels, drivers heads etc that it made sense to make my own.

I can now pretty much make every part I need to complete a car but will still replace with an original part if I have it on hand.

If you have any more questions just ask.



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Thanks for the advice Matt.

Along with the Lotus 16 Graveyard, I also picked up a complete GP Model 4 Set - the '4' being very faintly stamped in red. A very cool set, as the box art shows it as being 'Made in New Zealand by Lines Bros (NZ) - Auckland'.



Plus several sad and sorry rear engined Offenhauser cars/bodies and parts for the resto-pile.


I am assuming that these are what are refered to in the old Scalextric Doco as being the first Can Motor Scalextric car which were manufactured in Hong Kong with average quality .... :D.

Though the open bottom body and space does lend itself to building a brass framed, modern running gear retro-racer ....:huh:.

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Picked up another couple of  French Type 1 Lotus 16's not long ago.

These 2 have the silver painted rims which is different to the usual releases.

I did buy one some years back with silver rims but changed them out to the standard yellow.

Looks like they were released like this and not painted by the previous owner as I thought.




Another 2 off the endless list of Lotus 16's.


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A couple more Lotus 16's added to the collection.

These are both made in France, purchased from Italy and Spain.

Type 2



and a Type 1.


Type 1 above was missing the mirrors and one spring, fitted some I had on hand but will remake them so they look better.

Always looking for the final few I don't have, never in a rush though.

I did have a look through my Lotus 16 collection and worked out there's ONLY 17 more that I'd still like, lol.

Well, that's what I've seen pictures of anyway, but who's counting.




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Picked up a few more over the last few months.

A couple of the harder to find Lotus 16's in this lot.

The rarer Made in England Type 1 in the 'Baby Blue'. 


The hard to find Made in France Type 1 Indigo/Dark Blue with the Yellow mirrors, carbi's etc


Made in France Type 1 Yellow with Red mirrors, carbi's etc


Made in France Type 1 Blue with red mirrors, carb's etc


Made in France Type 1 Blue with Yellow mirrors. carbi's etc


Made in France Type 2 Red with chrome mirrors, carbi's etc


Made in France Type 2 Green with chrome mirrors, Carbi's etc


Made in France Type 2 Yellow with chrome mirrors etc


Made in France Type 3 Blue with chrome mirrors, carbi's and chrome wheels


Made in France Type 3 Yellow with chrome mirrors, carbis and silver/chrome wheels


And finally another Made in England Type 1 Red which came in the job lot with the Baby Blue from the first photo.


Picked up this lot from various places around the world, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and England.

I have also noticed that the Made in Australia/New Zealand Lotus 16's that were made in Australia have the drivers bodies painted white,

While the Made in Australia/New Zealand Lotus 16's that were made in New Zealand have the unpainted drivers bodies.

Being that there seems to be more Kiwis on Auslot than Aussies I was wondering if any of you have any Lotus 16's to confirm this?

In a post from Leftturnonly (tony) a few posts above he shows pictures of his Lotus 16's with unpainted drivers.





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