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Looking For 996-997 Porsche Race Cars

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Hello everyone,


Mobbzzee was very helpful in finding me a particular car.


I am after basically any Porsche 996 Cup car or RS RSR Race car, I love the look of the cars and actually used to race 1. I like the 997 and the 991 will be around the corner but I do have a little fetish for the cars. I will try to up load some photos or if anyone can provide links on were I should look. I have tried most of the sponsors sites... I'd just like to make a list and see what is available and start ticking them off the list once they are ordered. Would love to have them with yokohama tyres but not the be all and end all.... also 1:32 scale.


I currently have NSr Weather Tech Porsche, Falken Carrera, VIP petfoods Carrera, 997 lauch car 2006 Auto Art.


Many thanks for your input in advance.


Kind regards,












etc etc...

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I have a few of those Nincos, but all have been raced and have a replacement resin wing.


One is a unique livery as we stripped it and repainted in dark blue 2 pot auto enamel so the paint is bullet proof, but plain unlivieried

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private message me your email address.

i have over 1200 cars in my collection, im sure I would have some porsches you may be interested in.

all are brand new in their box.


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