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New To The Scene!! Need Some Parts.

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Hello I have rediscovered my slot cars after a 15 year or more break.


I have purschased a number of nice cars in the past 2 months... now I am on the mission to bring back some of my old cars dating back to 1984.


My main issues seem to be tyres, I do not know how to measure them to get the correct sizes, I assume I will buy them off armchair racer or Slot NZ as they have been helpful so far. As to parts availability I am not to sure on who to ask and what to order.


I also have a number of other things I require also if you don't mind me listing them


1. Ninco BMW Gtr I need a new gear that runs off the engine and on to the axle. See pic attached.


2. Maserati Mc12 scalextric sport needs tyres.


3. Scalextric Simpson formula car, tyres.


4. Minardi needs tyres.


5. Carrera Porsche Vip Petfoods, needs tyres


6. 3 original ford Serrias (Brock, Johnson, cannot remember the other one). Brushes + heads, tyres and magnets


7. Brock escort, tyres and spare brushes + head.


8. Nissan steven Richards attc car scalextric, tyres and magnet


9. Sauber, tyres


10. Old brabham tyres!!


I have a few other cars I will slowly build up.. Cannot get enough of scalextric after a big break.


I hope oh can help and give me some feedback.


Kind regards. [/size][/font][/color]

Love the sport.... The fasest car I can is the NSR Weather Tech Porsche Shane Van Bisgergen drove at Daytona 24hr.


Sorry for all the newb questions just learning about everything again.

Picture below 😎



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For the ninco - gear you can use a Plafit - green 12t gear as a replacement - where are you located you can get them at slot shops or from Ace Hobbies. A few dollars for 4 of them.

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Tyre choice - have a look for MJK from Armchair Racer or if you are up Redcliffe way - drop into Red Racer - Luc carries some MJK tyres or have a look for Paul Gage tyres (eBay shop) Paul has tyres for just about everything :)




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