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What Are Your 3 Fav, Pre 1970 1:32 Slot Cars

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I had very few RTR cars in my early slotting days. My first slot car was a scratch built BRM P57 F1 (Supershells body with K's Mk.1 motor and Eldi gears, Supershells wheels and tyres). My first RTR was a VIP Cooper T59 F1 - a really smooth runner and pretty fast in those days (circa 1964). This was followed by an Airfix Lotus 24 which I had won as a prize in an open meet. The next car I bought was a Revell Cobra 427 kit fitted with the then new Mabuchi FT16 motor installed in an adjustable aluminium chassis with threaded 1/8" axles and alloy wheels - fast but noisy and didn't handle all that well. That sort of summed up my Pre-1970 1/32 RTR slot car possessions although I did quite a number of scratch-builts which I found more enjoyable. My all-time favourite was a Ford GT, using a Classic (no "& Betta" then) fibre-glass bodyshell mated to a MRRC 5-pole motor c/w rear axle bracket, 3.5:1 brass bevel gears and MRRC front steering unit with Supershells wheels and tyres. Running on our club's short hardboard track with blackboard paint surface, it cleaned up our races every week and was virtually unbeatable until we put in a new larger track and along came the Monogram Ferrari 250 LM with Mabuchi power.

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I enjoy racing. Winning or losing is secondary.

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