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lenny broke

So What's Happening With Swsrg This Year?

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A couple of guys dropped out, but we have gained quite a few new racers since. Racing is still happening each fortnight.


Posting of results on the forum has dropped away, email & phone txt'ing used mainly..


Appreciate your interest Lenny, if you'd like to see the race results and action shots, it's no problem to post them here


Cheers Caddo

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Round 2 2016

Caddo's Kellyville


Trans Am



Group C



Run Wot Ya Brung


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Round 4 2016

Joe's Quakers Hill




Trans Am [4 minute heats]



Group C



Run Wot Ya Brung


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The first season of 2016 is over, after 5 hard fought rounds. We ventured to a commercial centre called 1/32 World at Pendle Hill in western Sydney for the final round.

A fantastic venue, race track & host, Graham [Haggsy], who provided caps & beanies for podium winners.


We chose the smaller of the two 6 lanes tracks on offer, as we had 12 racers in total, marshalling being the main consideration.


Here is the "flat" track layout, fast & flowing, with a very grippy melamine surface:




Here's the other "banked" track, also melamine surface, and a cracker of a design too:




Some pics of the racers, with a couple of familiar faces not seen racing for a while in attendance, great to see the boys!








3 minute heats on the 6 lane track were close, and great fun. Here's the results:











Here's the class results for Season 1, 2016:








And finally the overall results, across all 3 classes, season 1, 2016 [3 race results needed in each class]:



Well done Joe Z for very consistent results in each class and at each venue we raced at. Also deserves bonus points for showing up at every meet, great effort!


See you all in a couple of weeks, cheers, Caddo

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First round of Season 2, 2016 at yours truly. A wet night limited some from attending, but a good night of hard fought racing went on regardless at my joint, 16 meters of corners and off camber - fun fun fun!!!!




3 new classes to test us this season:


Pre 75 - Slot It or NSR Le Mans Classics, original motors and gearing, any Slot It or NSR tyres untreated:




GT3 - Any GT3 car with motor less than 21.5k and rubber tyres, untreated:




Mighty Group 5's, open motors, gearing. Rubber tyres untreated.




Thanks to all those currently, & those that went before, for defending our AUSTRALIA!!!

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Just being a sticky beak but was wondering if you guys are running this year? I always enjoy your race reports and pics

Used to be a great group LB but a couple of the guys who wanted to be power players had chipped away at several of us too much and sadly caused a split in the group and rather than continuing to put up with them several of us went our own way and now having some good racing and a lot of fun.

I can't believe that I wanted to grow up


Mount Salt Panorama Track Combined Road and Rally Track built near Salt Pan Creek Padstow - Sydney


A quick build rally track


2017 WRP Round 11 at Mt Salt Panorama



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I know it's been a couple of years since I was able to attend but even then the group was getting a bit big and too many people wanted to modify the cars too much. People like myself just didn't have the time to keep up. Just seemed like it was losing the hobby status to me



Old racers race harder

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