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Red Racer Saturday Monthly Racing

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Great day was had today on the big 8 lane track with some of the guys the Gold Coast and Narangba joining the Red Racer locals in a Porsche Cup and Modern GT Battle.


Porsche Cup

Newly reformatted GT3 class is proving a bit hit with all the club members, this class is a basic ready to run class with everybody running identical equipment. Plafit 1700SR chassis with Scaleauto Porsche Body with original interior and glass. They look the part and create the closest racing available in model car racing. Proof of this was Pete buying his car on the morning of the race and winning with it an hour later.




Qualifying saw lap times across the entire field only separated by 0.6 sec and the racing was no different. Pete and Simon battled it out for the win with consistency winning out, Pete drove a flawless race managing to beat Simon by only a few car lengths. Final spot on the podium was fought hard by Dean and Steve, Steve had managed to throw many a podium away in the past. Today was different he absorbed the pressure stayed in the slot for a well-deserved third overall only 2 laps off the lead and a lap clear of Dean. Gerald and the other racers did a good job of keeping the podium getters honest.




Modern GT


Qualifying showed the whole field meant business with their thoroughbred race cars. There was a great mix of exotic cars, some with carbon fibre bodies some with plastic. Great variety in chassis were also present. Qualifying was extremely close with the top 5 within 0.3sec and all under the magic 8sec mark. Jason set a blistering pole of 7.73 with his new Plafit 1900s chassis running a Scaleauto Porsche Body.


Racing saw Steve go out early with a crash into the wall knocking his motor box and axle assembly all out of whack, so he wouldn’t feature on the podium this time. Jason couldn’t turn his speed into a win, too many tangles in traffic saw Dean slip through with a near flawless run to take a well-deserved win. Simon drove a flawless race to take the final step on the podium. Special Mention go to Peter and Gerald who both ran as high as second at stages of the race. Gerald had a bad run on red which cost him a podium. Top 5 were only separated by 4 laps after 20 mins of racing.




Our next Saturday Club Day will see Slotworx V8 and Porsche Cup run as support classes to the F1 Grand Prix. This is being run on the Saturday of the Australian GP with all the action from Melbourne being shown on the big screen during the day. Atmosphere will be amazing so come along and be apart of this great day. Our two other tracks will be available for general use as well.

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