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Trying To Source Plastic For Barriers

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Hi Everyone,

Some of you may be familiar with my modular timber track I'm building.

The track is designed to be pulled down and set up at various locations,

This leads to a few problems when storing as any traditional 6mm Masonite or ply would get damaged and also be hard to stack the track sections.


My idea is to use some plastic type material and use Velcro to attach.

Velcro will allow the barriers to be installed and removed at the end of the event.


Easy enough yes? I'm looking for something off the shelf or clues to it.

I'm thinking some tyoe of flexible plastic maybe 3-6mm thick and around 100-300mm wide. Of course j could cut strips off a sheet.


So my question is does anyone know anywhere to buy this sort of material. I had a walk around Bunnings but didn't see anything remotely close.

Any help appreciated.



The best form of satisfaction is success.





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