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Nissan Terrano Raid?

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I have several of these setup as Monster trucks for the Grandkids

I changed the motor for 26,000 ( but really needs about 30,000)

Added a very long drop arm pivoted off the rear axle. Great fun running over jumps and other things.

Check out slot monster trucks on You Tube..




Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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I have a few of those Tamiya kits. So far I have just converted one to a Raid Slot. I did the Toyota Surf/Forerunner in the familiar blue and silver which you saw a lot in the SSRX and SSRG spec. - at least in NZ. I owned that exact model to tow my boat, which ran the higher spec. blower with same power as a Prado, (except they had a bonnet intake scoop) so I couldn't resist making that one up.

- I also have the black pickup truck mostly ready as a regular type slot, done as matt black.


I put standard Ninco RAID pro-race mechanics under it, except the wheels/tyres, which are MITOOS, and a Slot.it crown, I can't recall if I had EVO-32 (2.38mm) bushings and axles, or if I bored out the Slot.it crown to 2.5mm to fit the older Ninco 2.48mm standard.

No grip at all on my wood track, but it works pretty well on Ninco plastic.

I mounted the body using L-panels from a Slot.it SCX mounting kit from memory - and yeah, I notice I've dropped a body screw somewhere. The chassis with the correct wheelbase was the earlier version of a Mitsi Pajero.

But I could have made up normal vertical body posts which would have fitted this model kit.



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