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Springbok Racer

A New 'keeper-Of-The-Rules' For These Classes.

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Hi guys,


The time has come for me to move on and it is my great pleasure to leave you in the capable hands of Aussie Slotcar Royalty - Garry Johnson.


Garry does not need any introductions to most of you, but for the benefit of newbies; he is Mr Know-and-done-it-all in our hobby. We can be proud to have such a talent available to us for these two national classes. Garry has been involved in these particular classes since inception back in 2009 (Scaleauto) and was the original chassis prototype manufacturer when the OAPR LMP's saw first light in 2012. Of late he has dominated in both GT's and LMP's with his preparation, building and driving. We cannot have a better person right now to hold the tiller of our national classes.


Garry will introduce all further annual and quaterly rule and regulation discussions and will continue to be guided by everyone's constructive input.


Let me thank each and everyone of you for your fantastic support over the past few years in making this the greatest classes of scale model cars we have in Australia. You have kept it simple, logical and most of all stable.





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'The older I get the faster I was.'

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