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Ozrally Round 3 - Mt. Rustmore

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SR - great stuff running another stage between xmas and new year..... not sure where you found the time but well I'm sure everyone appreciates getting updates.


Chuffed with a stage win but it wasn't enough to get me a podium (oh well, perhaps another day). Congratulations to Gas, Charles and Grandkids for their podium positions.


It's a cruel world with the series champion finishing a poor 6th, a similar position to Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United and we all know what is going to happen there. Can Phil challenge the Grandkids?


Still it's not all doom and gloom with Charles screaming in to the series lead in his NZ liveried Bowler. A sensational result considering the ride height of the car and the countless hours spent tuning the car (okay - perhaps it was minutes)


Interesting times ahead with the next few rounds heading to Sydney and some larger rally tracks that will really test out the raid class. Gazza continues to provide hope for those around him, interestingly he has swapped the wooden spoon position with his partner in crime TeamRed. Will Aquakiwi manage to lift himself above some of the Sydney crew or will the Sydney home track advantage play in to the evil hands of those Sydneysiders. The top 4 seem to have opened up a nice gap over the rest of the field and a single point separates all of the top 4 positions which can only mean that it's going to get tight and snuggly over the coming rounds......


More questions, even less answers and a guarantee that the raids will continue to please many and frustrate the rest.....



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Not a great run with my Pajero, but still holding on to bottom of the podium.

Congratulations to Rossco, Charles and the bloody kids!


I agree about the drop arm or sprung guide, but Rossco's Pajero would be way ahead if it had a sprung guide, that was its downfall here.

Not much option of increasing the tyre diameter, unless they run threaded tyres, or we run a spec Tyre.

Thanks for completing the Round at this very busy time of the year.




Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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The 'mini' has already got a sprung guide.

Also, there is a large difference in diameter between my tyres and CharlesX's.


I haven't seen the MJK's in the packet, so I'm not too sure how they compare to yours, but yours are close to the stock rubber in diameter. Need a little allowance for truing them though.

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Hi Shadow_Rusty and all.


Bit of a fluke with my RAID but you have to get it right first time sometime. Car is completely standard except for tyres and weight. Was concerned it seemed to be quite high compared to some of the other cars. Think it is about 55mm. Min. is 50mm. As standard truck it has dropped and sprung guide as far as I recall.


Tyres from memory were about 23mm to allow for wear. Kept plenty of clearance as I expected bumps were going to be added to tracks but this has not happened.


Re MJK tyres not sure what car you are refering to but both Subaru and Ford RS200 are fitted with MJK 4219 rally tyres as all my cars have been for last 4 years. They are glued to rims and sanded just enough to take the shine off as am always worried about clearance with Aussie rally tracks. Do not recall I ever had a problem.


Hope this of some help.


Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

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Hmmm, went to the post office to send off the Raid Trucks, only to find that it was shut...

Bloody Public Holidays...




Anyway, thought some of you may be interested in the vital stats on the raid trucks...

Pinions/Spurs are a bit of a guess, but everything else should be right.


After thinking about it for a bit, and looking over the stats, I'd like to replace "increase the tyre size" to be "minimum rim size, and minimum sidewall size".




OzRally 2015/16 Raid Truck Specs



Also, I finally took a picture of the podium.

A few famous people turned up to witness the event, including a couple of super heroes to make sure that all went smoothly...




Some doctor was overheard querying if a particular 'mini' was actually a tardis in disguise...

There were a couple of dogs eyeing off the wheels, wondering if anyone would notice...

Benny also appeared to be partying way too hard to Marty's music...

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Stage 1 of Historics and Modern has been run...

Write up to come soon(ish)...

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Hi Shadow_Rusty.


Thankls for the comprehensive tech schedule. Provides a great comparison for all trucks. Seems my Bowler is about middle of the road but on the light side.


Re your comment about wheel and tyre size though I would not like to see any true scale RAID truck eliminated. The wheels on the Bowler are quite large so the tyres are necessarily a little lower profile. My overall tyre size is still about 4th largest. I should be able to retain plastic wheels if that is my choice. A couple of the cars appear slightly under length (presume standard) so does minimum length need to be reduced slightly. Phil may have thought about this already.


Regards Chas Le Breton

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A little teaser before I get to the results / etc...


Can anyone guess (without cheating) which car this is from??



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Damn Miveson... That was fast...


ps. Love the detail on the pace notes...

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OK then, up first, Historics.



Lets start with pictures...



Boss302 kindly accepted the loan axle out of a 'early model' Escort, and did his best to not let Dylan down...



I think that Ben_M forgot that this is a time trial, and not a Show and Shine. The NSR Shark 22k meant that it was definitely playing to the crowds, and not looking at the times... Still fun though.



The first of many RS-200's... Whilst the Fly motor was definitely underpowered, you could push it so much harder than some of the other Ford's.



Corey knew that he didn't have the fastest of cars, and knew that he just had to try for consistency instead.



The first of the custom liveried 959's as driven by Team Red Racing... The Pro Double in this was a little inconsistent, and more was definitely expected from it.



A couple of the Porsche club members came out to watch KalbfellP's run. Phil was definitely heard muttering about how long his motor took to warm up...



Mitchell set out at a quick pace, quietly confident that his faster lap times meant that he would smash his brother...



The out cam the show boating AquaKiwi... Medics were on hand in case it all went pear shaped, which it didn't. This is one very fun car to drive, and it's 22k long can seemed to have less power than Ben's 22k short can.



I think that the Beetle club were convinced that this was one of theirs... Unfortunately those 'blue smoke' tyres suffered from any excess rubber on the track, and would pick it up badly if Curef99 ran off the racing line.



Out came the second custom 959, and the chopper had fun following it around the track... Gazza's RX-91 was definitely a better match for this car, but the power split in the 4wd gearbox may need to be looked at... Seemed to be far too much front overdrive.


This is by far the prettiest of the RS-200's, and Peter Gunn was keen to get some good times on the board. Unfortunately, the Pirelli rep appears to have sold him a dud set of tyres, and as such, was lacking in some rear grip today.



OTFS appears to have forgotten to clean his RS-200 from the last 5 rallies... Also, it appears that his Turbo is getting a little old, as it no longer spools up at low revs...



Gas41t's Spanish King (Guess) powered RS-200 was up next... He insisted on putting on a great show, and has shown that even if you have a fast motor, it can be tamed...



Very sexy, and silky smooth. All the ladies were definitely swooning over this car, and boy oh boy did it perform...



All the RS-200's came out to support CharlesX on his quest to beat me... ps. This car continues to surprise with it's FF-050 motor.



Even though it's one of only 2 FC-130's here, this car definitely punched way above it's weight with it's measly 16k SRP motor.



Just to keep the suspense for just a little longer, here are some more thoughts on this group of cars.


21 - This little Escort ran much nice with some ground clearance... ps. Thanks Dylan.

19 - Lots of potential in these cars, but the Shark 22k is just way too much power without the car

being absolutely perfect.

20 - Down on power. The Fly 15k Truck motor (guess) is just too slow for these. It did make it easy to

drive though.

27 - This car is little, and slow... Very smooth though. Definitely needs more motor...

25 - A few random de-slots with this one. Just not consistent, and handling felt like it would change

from lap to lap.

14 - This one definitely smoothed out once it warmed up. Took quite a few laps for the motor to settle

down though.

28 - Better gearing in this little Fiat, but the power would surge randomly, and it's 'smoothness'

suffered from it.

23 - If fun was a factor, this car would be up the top... Unfortunately, it's just got too much motor

for the grip it has.

16 - Another Avant with a high magnetic downforce motor. And once again, it makes the car much harder

to predict. Keep it straight though, and it was very nice. Also, these tyres seemed to suffer from dirt

much more than others.

26 - Appears to have too much front overdrive. This caused a couple of traction rolls once the tyres

warmed up.

13 - Not far off where it needs to be. Just a little more rear grip, and it would have been perfect.

17 - Low on power, not sure on what it is, but you definitely had to keep the revs up. So long as you

really controlled the slide, you got a nice lap out of it.

15 - The Spanish king (guess) is a lot of motor for here. Surprisingly, it controls it so very well.

24 - Absolutely perfect. This NC2 powered Team Slot proves you don't need a fast motor, or a good brand

to be at the top.

18 - For a FF-050, this car has plenty of get up and go. Only a fraction better transition from grip to

slide, and slightly better brakes would make this car any better.

22 - The driver let this little car down... Well that, and it has the lowest powered motor, and like

Charles' it is also suffering in the transition from grip to slide.



Ok, ok, here are the results...





Full Race Results File

Edited by shadow_rusty

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Not to keep the Modern boys waiting too long, it's on to their results...



Again, pics up first.



Up first was Gas41t, and he carefully hopped his way round the track. Must of been spending too much time with those Boxing Kangaroo Porsches...



Next up was Ben_M in this very lovely presented C4. Even though it spent a lot of it's time spinning it's wheels, it thankfully managed to finish before the timer ran out, and the bomb squad was able to defuse it...



They were on a high after finishing strongly in the Raid's, but it was always going to be a tough fight under the ever watchful eye of 'Grandad'...


This little SCX is an absolute missile. Unfortunately for Gazza, someone seems to have swapped out his super sticky race rubber for street tyres.



KalbfellP was definitely on the war path, and was very keen on showing the 'grandkids' that "I've still got it"...



OTFS was keen to show that the Citreon works team could produce a nice race car. It seems though, the team manager thought that he would brake far too late into the corner, and installed 20" monster brakes on this...



One of the best looking Citroen's here, and TeamRedRacing was keen to give it a hiding. Unfortunately, there must be a lead shortage in DS3 land, as it felt far too light, and caused him all sorts of issues on the ripple strips. (ps. Sorry)



The WRX works team came out to support CharlesX in his effort to push the limits. Unfortunately, it seemed that they weren't willing to share their 'pro spec' tyres.



I think one of the mechanics must of installed hydrolics into the front of this WRX. That said, Peter Gunn has presented one of the nicer looking modern rally cars in this bunch.



Miveson has built a very nice Focus here... The funny thing is, it just feels SLOW, even though it's anything but.



CureF99 was so cocky, he decided to show off his drifting skills in his 'Pro' Xsara. I'm sure at times, this car is bending the laws of physics, and the sound barrier...



Also, a few more thoughts about the cars...


33 - Lacking in rear grip. Also, it felt like one of the rear tyres is out of round, but it may be "Ninco Hop". Motor/gearing felt good though.

38 - Nice and smooth, motor / gearing felt good, but it was just lacking in the grip department. Far too much acceleration lost to wheelspin.

29 - Feels 'unsettled'. Front tyres are very cracked. Also, it seems to run hard on the guide, and turns out, the plastacine for retaining screws, was also causing the guide to stick. Plastacine has now been cleaned off, and we will see if it helps in the next heat.

35 - Felt very light. Once the backend stepped out, you really had to work hard to keep it in the slot. Possible that the 4wd is not quite balanced and felt like it was under driven at the front.

39 - Nice little car, and runs fairly smoothly, but the 18k slotting plus rally motor just seems too much for it.

34 - Took me a while to put my finger on why it's not quicker that it is... Seems to be slightly undergeared, which is making the transistion from brakes to power very sudden.

36 - Felt very light, and it's quite powerful, not a great mix. Had to make sure to not cross the ripple strips, which was very challenging.

30 - Lots of motor, lots of axle hop, but still one very forgiving car.

32 - Struggled with changes in direction, and would then just pop the nose out with no warning.

37 - A very deciptively quick car. Nice and smooth, nice balance, and to be honest, it 'feels' slow.

31 - Noisey, overpowered, and yet, in a class of it's own. That said, the very lightweight shell of the SCX pro's definately helps here.



And with no further ado, it's on to the results...





Full race results file

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Top stuff Rusty as usual.... 3rd to 8th is ridiculously tight with less than 2 seconds between them,,, OTFS and Gazza must feel hard done by with gap between them and the car in front being around the amount of time it takes between gear changes on a Lamborghini Aventador (honest governor it is a true fact).....


Still a few stages to go (assuming that we have 3 stages?) and plenty of time to drop down the leader board. Onwards and downwards as they say....

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Yes, the same 3 stages as the raids will be run with these classes...


ps. Historics race report is on the previous page...

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Great coverage Shady R!!

Pleasantly surprised on the Teamslots' running, fingers are well and truli crossed.. happy racing for the next stages!!

"Me Auntie's a Jack !!!"

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Ran stage 2 for the modern cars tonight...


This was run anti clockwise on the targa track, and wow, what a difference to all but a few cars.

Most were much easier to control, so they must have some Nascar heritage in there somewhere.


Miverson, unfortunately, yours was one that did not run as well. Your NC-5 seemed to suffer heat soak about halfway through the stage in this direction, which softened it off no end, and made it much harder to predict...


Charles, somehow, the timing system managed to miss a lap... I've manually fixed up the results by giving you the average of the 2 laps, and you jumped from 8th in this heat, to 3rd.



Anyway, here are the results...




And the full results file




And the current standings...

ps. damn is it getting crowded.



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Slo1Quick, that Renault puts a massive smile on my face, and, it's fast to boot.



FYI: Stage 1 for both Historic and Modern is run for 30 laps on the targa track in clockwise direction, with 1x crossover, and is ~17.85m long...

Edited by shadow_rusty

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Thanks for all your efforts in sorting out the tyre issues on my Escort Shadow Rusty.... I'll try to do a better job of sorting it for next year. It looks like I have more to do than fix the tyres!


Your race reports and photos are terrific.

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Thanks for the praise, and no worries about your car...

It's even stepped off the bottom of the scoreboard now...



And Phil, it's all been on my own... PS4 is far to attractive to the kids at the moment...



OK, Stage 2 of the Historics has now been run, and like the Modern, I've run the 2nd Targa stage next.

Also like the Modern, the faster cars have stepped up their game in this direction.





Full Results File



And a progress report...





Going to be VERY interesting finish for both Modern and Historic with the GymKhana track being so different from the Targa track.

Hoping to have this done by Saturday, and the cars in the post to Sydney on Monday.

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OK, qualifying for the Gymkhana track has been done...

For shits and giggles, I ran both the Historic and Modern together.


In typical pain in the arse style, the Arduino had a hissy fit on the second last car, and I had to re-run the whole lot again.

That said, most cars ran at least .1 sec quicker, and some about .3 quicker, so it was probably worth it.





Full Results...

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