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Ozrally Round 3 - Mt. Rustmore

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Hi guys...


The raid trucks have been picked up, and briefly checked over...


A couple of things...


1. Boss302's Ranger, AquaKiwi's Bowler and the organiser's (kalbfellp) Pajero all have magnets in them... Thankfully they are just clipped into the bottom, so shouldn't be too hard to remove.

2. Ben's truck appears to have lunched it's spur gear at some point... Still runs OK, but it's very noisy.

3. Gazza's truck has lost a wheel... Again... Unfortunately it also has some mesh issues.

4. Kalbfellp's Pajero has ~4mm of suspension on the front left, and only ~1mm on the front right.


PM's have been sent...



All are still running, and it's definitely nice to see them as a group...



Hoping to have qualifying done by Monday night, and at least a couple of stages run by next weekend.

Should also be a few photo's...

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The raid truck drivers decided to pose on the gymkhana track today...







Ran a couple of laps with all of them on here, and most run ok...

The long wheelbase cars, and mine will most likely struggle the most.

Damn is that little pajero sweet on here though...

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OK, qualifying has been done on the Mt RustMore targa course, which has had a single crossover added to allow the vehicles to run in both lanes, and effectively doubling the lap times...


I took a slightly different approach to qualifying...

Firstly, I randomised the starting order (with the exception of Craig's (TeamRedRacing) truck, which I ran last as it has rubber tyres, which is a severe disadvantage on this track).

Then, I cleaned the tyres of the truck, ran 2 laps to get a quick feel, and then ran a 5 lap heat, in shootout style.

Results were then sorted by lap time.


Miverson's truck popped out the motor, which has now been glued back in.

AquaKiwi's truck kept throwing tyres, which have now been carefully reglued.


Anyway, here's the results...

8.757, 2, AMCC - Tricky to run fast here, as it tends to let go without warning

8.823, 9, CharlesX - Surprised by this one, definitely didn't feel this fast...

8.969, 6, Miverson - I was a little untidy with this one, but it's fairly forgiving

9.028, 3, Gas41t - This little car is silky smooth, watch out for it in longer stages

9.081, 12, Dylan - Definitely the best of the big trucks here, but their long wheelbase hurt it's times

9.216, 7, Ben_M - This car has lots of potential, but the damaged gear hurts the ears, and it's smoothness

9.278, 1, Shadow_Rusty - I think I was just trying too hard with my own car... Driver error let it down...

9.521, 8, Gazza - Despite it's damaged axle mount, and tight gear mesh, it's not a bad truck to drive

9.522, 5, KalbfelP - I truly expected more from this truck, as it felt much faster. Maybe running first slowed it slightly

9.570, 10, Boss302 - Another noisey gear, but not as bad as Ben's. Felt OK, but would just let go un-expectantly, and then flip

9.667, 11, AquaKiwi - Only really got 1 good lap with this one... It's Paul Gauge tyres may be it's undoing during the main event...

9.865, 4, TeamRedRacing - Rubber tyres were never going to help, but by running it last, it was better than during the shake down.




ps. Here is the full qualifying spreadsheet from Race Coordinator



All in all, it was a lot of fun...




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Michael welcome to the Proxy as a Host, you may regret it after all the work involved in running a round.

I hope you do manage to enjoy the experience.

When this event started years ago Martin intended it to be fun and allow people to host that had small home tracks, I hope we are still continuing with his concept.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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It may never have been an issue, except that for this heat I was running clockwise, which meant starting uphill.

That, and urethanes grip well on my track allowed the torque of the motor to just pop it out of the mount on "Go".


It the start line was level, or if I was running the other way, it may never of happened.





It's not that much work so far, and I'm definitely having fun with this...

(Just wishing I had spent more time on my own car before the proxy)

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Round 1 has been run...


I had a lot of fun running the raid trucks tonight...




After giving the track a clean, TeamRedRacing headed out first, set down a great time, and was heard saying "beat that you mugs"...



Up next was AquaKiwi with his 'freshly' glues tyres, and whilst there was significant improvement to it's drivability, ultimately, he had to concede defeat to TRR.



Then Boss302 hit the track, but his truck seemed to be carrying too many spare tyres, and would 'pull over' randomly to drop a few off, often times dropping back into the slot and continuing along his merry way...



KalbfelP, keen to prove his truck was better than qualifying led us to believe, and it promptly showed TRR the door...



Gazza's gunship must have thought it was a nascar, and slipped a few places... Damn right hand corners...



Mine was up next, and it showed that it does have some pace, setting a new best total and lap times.



Ben_M's truck tried to set about nice consistent laps, but would just jump out occasionally without warning, and in the end, it was just outpaced on the clean surface.



Dylan was dead set certain he needed to beat his father, which he did with a super clean race.



Gas41t's 'Mini' was unable to take any extra advantage from the clean track, but still set a respectable time, making sure to knock my best lap time off of the top spot.



Miverson was insistent on staying in front of 'that car', and proved to be super drivable on the day.



CharlesX's Bowler, definitely had the 'X' factor, and nearly bowled me over... Fast, smooth, and 'easy' to repeat those fast lines.



AMCC's high magnetic down force motor was both it's strenght, and it's Achilles heal, letting them down without warning, and causing them to slip a few places whilst investigating the sand traps.




All of the cars managed to improve on their best laptimes, with the exception of Miverson's Nemesis, which still did very nicely...




Anyway, here's the final results of this stage...




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Hi Guys,


Sorry for the delay in running the next stage...

Been crazy busy both at work, and at home.



The Classic and Modern rally cars have now arrived, and had a quick check over...

Aside from 2 wings needing to be glued back on, the only other issue was a magnet in the little Escort...

Boy oh boy was it a weapon with the magnet in... Best I was game to do was a staggering 6.9sec lap.



Also, Stage 2 of Raid's has been run...




Due to the VERY different nature of the GymKhana track used for stage 2, I ran another 5 lap qualifying...

There is 5.4m of lane on a 900mm x 650mm board.


Note: Racing on this track is at 9v as opposed to the 12v that the Targa track is run at.





Full Qualifying Results File...




Then I ran a 45 lap run...


Most ran well enough, but Craig's truck has pulled another great run, especially if you consider it's starting position.

The better trucks had a little slide to them, and, if they hit a cone, wouldn't be too affected.

A few of the trucks would start to traction roll, lose power, and drop back into the slot. Often times though, they would then stop at a crossover about 1cm from where they dropped back in.


Note: There are a lot more off's on this track as it's much tighter, and often times, just too grippy for these trucks.





Full Race Results File





Running totals for the Raid trucks so far...





Note: Raid Stage 3 will most likely be run on Boxing day...

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Thank you for the update, especially at this time if the year.

Bruce did mention that he had forgotten to remove the magnet from the Escort,feel free to do that.

Not looking good for my Christmas with the Grandkids here and them doing so well.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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No worries...


And I hear you Phil, Dylan is stomping me right now...

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Thanks for update Rusty - damn those guys in front.... did Gazza spend any time on the track?

Gazza's issues are definitely related to Right Hand corners...

Unfortunately for him, this track also runs clockwise, as such, it has more rights than lefts.


I suspect that this habit is caused by the rear axle mount repairs.

Whilst they are really well done, unfortunately, the axle is not exactly perpendicular to the center line of the chassis.

As such, the wheelbase is a bit over 1mm shorter on one side than the other, hence it not liking right hand corners.

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Ok, I think I've figured out why the Escort is having some issues...

The chassis at the magnet holder, and the crown cover, is about 0.7mm off of the track...


So, on my targa track, it gets hooked up on the ripple strips, and lifts the rear wheels in the air...

Hmm, may need to check if my sons Escort has MJK's, and if so, see if it runs better with over 1mm clearance.


Also noticed that AquaKiwi's Metro's crown gear had come loose.

As it's a split gear, thankfully, it appears that the gear mesh was not affected, and the gear is intact.



More info as it comes to hand...

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OK, so qualifying has been run on the Targa track with the Historics...


And to my surprise, there are 2x Scaleys at the top of the board...




Full Results



22 - RS-200 - Well, it was built here, and it shows... It can just be pushed, and pushed...

18 - RS-200 - Damn Charles, I though you had the top spot, this thing is a missile, and is only just not as smooth as mine.

24 - Alpine 310 - This is possibly the nicest Team Slot I've ever driven... Just so smooth.

15 - RS-200 - The pace from the Spanish king helped, and whilst it is quick, it made it harder to keep straight.

17 - RS-200 - Not necessarily the fastest MSC here, but definitely one of the easiest to drive fast.

13 - RS-200 - The NC-5 is a good match for these cars, but it was just not quite geared right for this track.

26 - 959 - This SCX is very nice, for an older car, it is very smooth, but was lacking slightly in straight line speed.

16 - Alpine 310 - I expected more out of this Avant Slot and it's blue tyres, but it is a very fun car to drive.

23 - Metro - This is a nice car, but a combination of over powered motor, and short wheelbase made it challenging.

28 - 124 - It's the noiser of the boys cars, but it's geared faster, and it worked out better today.

14 - 911 - This NC5 just didn't feel right. I think very soft describes it best. Still a nice car, but not quite right for the Scaley track.

25 - 959 - The front tyres are coated which kinda defeats the 4wd. It has better speed, but it's not as smooth as Gazza's.

27 - 124 - A little slower than his brothers, but just so much easier to drive.

20 - RS-200 - This MSC felt a little under powered here, and suffered a little from it.

19 - 037 - Not sure why there is a Shark 22 in this one, the stock Sparker is harder to beat here... Still fun trying to control it though.

21 - Escort - As mentioned above, I could not slide this one as it would get stuck on the ripple strips.

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Qualifying for Modern Rally has also been done on the Targa track...


Some very interesting differences in builds here, and I felt that more than a few should have been much faster than they were...





Full Results



31 - Xsara - Expected a little more from this lightweight car, but the big (I think) motor seemed to hurt it as it seemed to have too much torque.

37 - Focus - Nearly perfect gearing for here, just a little messy through the esses...

32 - WRX - Best NC5 here... Goes like a cut snake, but with just a little hop.

30 - WRX - Lots of power... Any more, and it would have been uncrontrollable. Just a little rough compared to your other cars...

36 - DS3 - Love these 4wd RK motors. Nice revs, smooth torque, and so they make a great package. Very nice little car. Again though, with the front tyres coated, 4wd is just a hinderance, not an advantage.

34 - C4 - Just a little tailey... Good power, and very controllable, and should finish well

39 - 307 - 18k Long Can is a lot of motor for here, but it handled it well.

35 - Fiesta - Car was noisey, and had a little axle hop, which would unsettle it in the faster sections.

29 - 307 - One of the better NC2, but just not quite smooth enough to capatalise...

38 - C4 - Expected more from a lightning car, but it was still quite nice to drive if just a little too slidey...

33 - C4 - With just a little more grip, this car would be killer... I think the air ride rims don't help here...


Note: I wrote these comments before checking the lap-times, and was very surprised by some, and overall, quite a small spread...

Edited by shadow_rusty

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My tyres on The Escort must be wearing fast. The car was on the clearance limit,but would have thought it would get thru the series.
Most likely from all the wheel spin that this little car has... The rest of the chassis has ~1.2mm clearance, but the magnet pocket and crown cover hang ~0.5mm lower...

Still haven't checked my Son's escort, but if it has good tyres, I'll borrow it's axle to see if there is much difference to laptimes...


Awesome Great report Michael & Start to the historic class Merry Christmas to all Rossko
Thanks Rossko, just a little disappointed your C4 didn't do better, certainly felt better...

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Thanks for running the rounds SR. And thanks for glueing the tyres. It obviously made a difference. Re: the Metro, I was going to de=power the motor as Phil suggested using diodes but never got around to it.

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No worries on the tyre glue... It was near on undrivable here without it as the tyres kept rolling off of the rims.


As for repowering, I feel that you can't beat replacing it with a more suitable motor.

I've got a SCX RK-42 in my MSC Porsche, and it's a nice feeling motor, but the Ninco NC5 is probably just a little better as even though the revs are the same, it has more torque...

A NC2 / MT5 is also a good option, but they will require careful gearing to get the best out of them.

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Final Stage of the Raid trucks has now been run...


Unfortunately, the planned SCX rally plastic track proved to be far too rough for consistent running this year.

I have a few plans for it, but not sure if I'll get to them.


So, instead, I ran the final round on my Targa track, but this time, they ran anti-clockwise.

The cars were not a lot different in this direction, even though this direction is completely different to drive.

Most of the lost time occurs through the hairpins and at the crossover at the bottom of the hill.

Interestingly, the laptimes are very similar, but there are definitely more off's in this direction.





Stage 3 Full Results





Final Results




Congratulations to Gas41t for the win, and CharlesX / AMCC for the minor places.

Well done to everyone who entered...




My personal opinion for next year is to increase the minimum tyre diameter, and preferably enforce a drop guide, but at a minimum of a sprung guide...

This should make them feel more like raid trucks and have the effect of slowing down the front runners a little, without hurting the mid / tail end.


Other than that, I think these run really well, and are definitely a challenge to get consistent fast laps from.



PS. The Raid Trucks should be on their merry way to the next host in Sydney tomorrow afternoon...

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