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1/24 1964 Brm(i Think)

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I've had this car for a while now and its suffered from poor decals and ugly wheels,so I thought it was time to give it a bit of a clean up.


BTW I think its a 1964 BRM,no doubt if I'm mistaken someone will tell me.


Chassis is a MJK no mods and as such is quite light,so its fairly quick,probably faster than most of my scratch builts,but my scratch builts are more fun! :)



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:unsure: Thanks phil,somehow I thought you may have been the one to pull me into line.


For some reason I always thought this was the same model which went so well out here for the Tasman series.


Checking back I have found a pic of a 67 BRM and yes I think you are right,the side mounted motor is the easiest way to identify the difference,I should have checked that before I posted this topic :D


Those H16s were a real piece of work,pity the mechanics,unfortunately they promised so much and achieved so little.



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