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Wire Diameter For Wiring A Routed Track

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I'm at the point of wiring up my track :D and was hoping for some advice on what size wire to use.


It is a 3 lane routed analogue track. Lane length of 20m. I run RTR cars like Scalextric, Ninco and Slot.it.


I've seen 12 and 14 AWG wiring mentioned which is 2 and 1.65mm diameter respectively. I've got some 2.5mm wire. Will that be OK to use?




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The best cable to use is Automotive cable, it is more flexible, 10 amp/4mm having 16 stands.

It is available in small rolls so colour coding is easier.

It is more common to be sold by amp rating, 6 Amp will be fine for your track, but you may find that 10 Amp is more readily avaiable.

Check out Supercheap or Autobarn for.small rolls.


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the cheapest way to get wire for your track is to buy a 20 metre extension cord from Bunnings, cut the plugs off and strip it. its colour coded and heaps cheaper than buying colour coded rolls.

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