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NSW Scale Model Titles


The NSW Scale Model Titles will be held at Xtreme Trax Dapto from the 6th of November to the 8th of November 2015











Slot-it Group C

Sidways Group 5

Scalextric Trams-Am



Slot Worx V8s

Plafit Mini Z

Plafit Historics Can-Am

Scale Auto GTs


Officials and Duties:

1. The event organiser may appoint a Race director of acceptable knowledge and experience for each of the classes.

2. The Race Director may act as scrutineer and/or Race Controller or he/she may appoint an acceptable deputy to fill this positions.

3. The race director is responsible for all aspects of the running of races in his/her charge.

4. The Scrutineer is responsible for ensuring that all cars conform to specifications for their class and relevant general rules.

5. The Race Controller is responsible for overseeing a particular race. Initiating Track Calls,directing marshals,ect.


Cars And Scrutineering:

1. Cars must comply with the specifications for their class and any relevant regulations at all times whilst racing.

2. Cars that do not conform to the relevant specifications shall be excluded from the event.

3. Cars must be submitted to the scrutineer prior or at the advertised time for the class.

4. Scrutinneers word is final.

5. The scrutineer is empowered to rule on any area of a cars construction not specifically covered by the rules.

6. Cars will be scrutineered prior to each race/heat.

7. Cars can be scrutineered at any time or a teardown inspection at the discretion of the Race Director/Controller.


Impounding Of Cars(PARK FERME):

1. The event organiser will provide a safe area where cars will be impounded. Typically they stay in park ferme after scrutineering until they are eliminated from the completion of racing.

2. Drivers may remove cars from PARK FERME prior to qualifying and must return the car back after they qualify to the PARK FERME . Like wise after racing cars have to be returned to PARK FERME.

3. All cars stay impounded until end of racing.


Repairs and Parts Replacements:

1. All repairs and replacement components must comply with the specifications for the relevant class.

2. Any part may be replaced with the exception of the primary chassis section and the body shell.

3. All the repairs and parts replacements during the race event is subject to re scrutineering.



1. Drivers and their pit crew are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

2.Abusive,offensive or sportsmanlike conduct directed at any person will result in immediate penalties being aposed.

3. Driver are also cautioned that they might be held responsible for the actions of their pit crew.


Smoking: In the interests of health and safety,there will be strictly NO smoking in the raceway.



1. All entrants will marshal.

2. Entrants may nominate a substitute marshal.



1. Clear the track of de-slotted or malfunctioning cars.

2. Re place de slotted cars without interfering with the other cars.



1. Any hand controller can be used as it does not increase the voltage or available amps to the track.



1.The race Directors decision is bound and final,and their is no appeal on the decision. P


PENALTIES: Any deliberate rule infraction contrived to gain a performance advantage will result in exclusion from the class.



1.The race controller can demand the removal from the track of any car which is dragging on the track,interfering with other cars,or continually de-slotting.

2.Any car that cannot complete a lap with out de-slotting will be black flagged.

3.Cars can be repaired and re enter the race.



1.Nominal track voltage for racing will be at 12 volts for all classes .

2.Depending on what class a higher voltage will be used .Race directors decision will be final on this.



Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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Hi Alan,


All rules are the same as the MCN, new class being Scaley muscle cars will need to be drafted.




- Cam

Hoo Roo

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Rule section under NSW Scale Model Titles has just opened

I need to add Scaletric Trans-Am and Slotworx V8 classes


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Thanks Cam and Rod

I suspected that the scale nats rules would apply, makes sense.

I'd like to come over, depends on my work situation in November.


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Hi All,


The entry form for the 2015 NSW State Titles' is now available.




Please click on the following link to either download or to print out your entry form.


2015 NSW State Titles - Entry Form


To Download - 1. Click 'File' in top left corner. 2. Click 'Download As'. 3. Select 'Microsoft Word (.docx)'. 4. Click 'Save As'. 5. Save in relevant folder on your PC/Laptop Device.

To Print - 1. Click 'Printer' Button. 2. Open with 'PDF'. 3. Select Print in PDF File.


Please ensure that payment is completed before Friday, 6th November.


We look forward to seeing you all there in 3 weeks time!



Edited by Scalextric V8


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