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Some Screens

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Below are two versions of my 4 lane screens, with smaller font sizes for the version to be used in longer races - so the bigger gaps and lap numbers fit.

It is pretty easy to remove driver pictures etc. Some text used in the screens requires a custom language file.

Without that you would see RD_ in front of text - as you will see in the lower screens created by a guy in the US.


I also have these set up as 3 lane.





And this is an altered race results screen, so you can see the results for 14 drivers simultaneously instead of just 5

Everyone wants to see their data at once, scrolling with 5 only visible just didn't seem practical to me.



Screens from a guy in the States. - See the RD_ issue. Easily fixed. 4 lane and 6 lane versions.

But these are to show a quite different example, more the sort of "Race Controller" focused data used in much of the European software in big events as opposed to driver focued information we are used to seeing.




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