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Improving Monogram's 275P

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This isn’t even a repaint, but in answer to Munter’s call-to-arms, here is something of a make-over that may be of interest that I put together for Slot Car Mag a while back. I love Le Mans racers before the LMP era, and I’m constantly on the look-out for past winners. This Monogram 275P was a no-brainer, but being a re-issue, always looked a bit retro.




A close look showed obvious reasons as to why, but at the same time, there is not much fundamentally wrong with the body. The two main issues are the cockpit, and the wheels. The shallow-tray cockpit is to accommodate the inline motor, but it seemed there was room to drop the tray lower – perhaps with a spacer. I compared it to the Slot.It 312P interior which was not much deeper and figured there was some room to do something similar.




Some research showed what the real thing looked like.




Rummaging through some old plastic kits, I found a Capri cockpit with seats of a similar pattern. I cut down the original tray (1) to make a template and then cut (2) and shut (3) them to fit inside the tray and added sides (4).




Then I found I’d got a bit carried away with my enthusiasm. It looked great, but the new tray was much too deep to work with the Monogram motor fitted.




Eventually I found the current Scaley Escort chassis motor position was a much better fit.




After that, the wheels were next and I sourced some nice wire ones from Pendleslot in the UK.




Then came some improved decals from Patto.




It then finished up like this.




Of course that driver was completely wrong, so the last step was to send it off to Ember, who made me a luverly driver figure based on the driver from 1964, Nino Vaccarella.



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Lovely work there KK......and Lynne I have known some skinny Italians.


It would be nice to see some more chassis/underside shots and also some more of the finished car.


I like this model but do not have one.

John Warren

Slotcars are my preferred reality

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Very nice work there

Nice to see a nice car become a very beautiful car

Ember you most certainly do nice work on the drivers

I am impressed

Keep it up and keep them coming

Holdens rule the rest just drool


slot cars are my drug,

ATCC/Bathurst proxy host

NZ Grp5 proxy host.

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I agree, nice looking car made even better, often thought about getting one of these and this makes it even more appealing. Good job.

Don't think I'll ever get my drivers looking like that though Ember, although I've come a long way recently from what I used to do.


Also, can someone let me know how wide these cars are at the rear wheel arches please?

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You've turned a Revell into a 'Racer' competitor...

Very well done...

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