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Slot.it 4Wd Gearing

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Hi guys...


Had a play arround with my new Slot.it 4wd yesterday...

Firstly, wow, what a car...


Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to offer you guys the spreadsheet that I created so I could work out which gearing to use to get the best out of my car.


Online Version: Online Slot.it 4wd Gearing Chart Google Sheets file

Offline Version: Download Slot.it 4wd Gearing Chart Excel file




As you can see, with my front tyres being smaller than the rears, it means that the factory 17:16 gearing would put me VERY close to the 1:1 ratio.

After much testing, I've settled on 16:16, which interestingly, is basically identical to the factory overall ratio.



Note 1: Different length belts will be required to use all gearing options. With the stock belt, 16:16, 16:17 and 17:16 all work well. From memory, 17:17, 16:18 and 18:16 will work with no pulleys, but they are not ideal.

Note 2: Rollout is how far the car travels for 1 rotation of the motor, and is useful for gearing the rear axle.


Update: Online link added...

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Really useful work there Rusty..... thanks for sharing.

Recovering Slot Addict :ph34r:  *  Custodian of many used screws (mostly loose :rolleyes:)  *  Total kidder  *  Companion of other delusional slot addicts :lol:  

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Not a problem at all...


Took me ages to get the Maths just right, and then lots of track testing with most of the gearing options, just to come to the same gearing as Slot.it.


Too close to 1.0, and the tail would not step out at all.

Less than 0.9, and it felt like the front wasn't kicking in early enough, and you would spin out.



About 0.97 was absolutely perfect, but is very difficult to get exactly that without constantly truing the tyres as they wear.

Anywhere between 0.94 and 0.98 was the sweet range for me.


As this car is predominately RWD, the rear tyres should wear faster than the fronts, and as that happens, my gearing will slowly progress from 0.94 to 0.97 over the course of 1mm tyre wear on the rears.



All my testing was done on Scalextric Sport track, and most of it with 2 different drivers.

Front tyres are the WRP Proxy Soft MJK's (~20 shore).

Rear tyres are normal MJK's (~30 shore).

Car has 10g where the digital chip would be. (Probably doesn't need it, but being the fastest car on my track, it can stay for now)

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Also, here's a link to the official Slot.it assembly instructions...


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Migrated this spreadsheet to Google Sheets too...

This means that you no longer need to have excel to use it. :)


Online Slot.it 4wd Gearing

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