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2015 Nsr Classic Challenge Cup

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Welcome all to the 2015 NSR Classic Challenge Cup, to be held at the Brightwater raceway, Nelson on 12th, 13th & 14th June.


As at 16/4/15 we have 52 entries from all over New Zealand.




Last year's line up of 28 cars.




2014 NSR Challenge Winner, Andrew Bidwell,




The Brightwater Circuit



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Gee mate, only just noticed this was up here. I suspect this will be the largest gathering of slot racers in New Zealand in the modern era.


Looking forward to coming down. Now the Nats are over I can actually think about getting my 917K ready.

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Hey Mark, Bram, someone on here email me a copy of the rules. Tony sent them to me, and I have somehow deleted them so thoroughly there is no trace even in my trash can.


I'll also put a copy up within this thread too, so everyone has them readily to hand.


Also, I recall Tony saying some are running Supergrips as come with the cars, some are running Ultragrips - do you know the code numbers of those as I want to try the alternate on a spare pair of wheels.

I THINK I also heard him say (though not mentioned in the rules), that some guys are treating their tyres and that is okay - did I get that right or not.


Once the new callous on my trigger finger is not so sore, I will start work on the car. :)

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Yep. Painted a lexan interior to look like a real one. Managed to get the foil off a Shark 30 and the foil from the 20K onto it, have a bottle of superglue I can tape to my arm, and activate by clenching finger muscle, so it squirts a spray into cookie's motor when I am marshaling his car..... a bit of acetone to dope the tyre board with so when people clean their tyres, they melt on track and they are stuck to the spot.....

So just about good to go . . . . . ear-to-ear-smiling-smiley-emoticon.gifjumping-for-joy-smiley-emoticon.gif


Nah, Tony flicked through the rules again, but I won't get back to the car now till we've run the 2nd proxy round, then I'll have some clear track next week before I fly down to get it sorted. Are you staying at the Brightwater Inn?

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I keep forgetting to book my accomm but hope to be at the Brightwater.

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Qualifying has been run tonight

I took some pics and a little video but can't transfer from my SD card to the tablet I am using here.


Some quick results - top 20, I think 40 qualified tonight

1 Kerry Martin 6.993 Nelson

2 Neil Bidwell 7.052 Blenheim

3 KJ McDonald 7.11 Garden City

4 Adam Bidwell 7.234 Blenheim

5 Dave West 7.238 Orakei

6 Chris Wong 7.242 Hawkes Bay

7 Blair Allen 7.275 Garden City

8 Tony Cook 7.289 Nelson

9 Nigel Boyce 7.300

10 Jeremy McMahon 7.329 Orakei

11 Graeme Saxton 7.332 Pitlane (Dunedin)

12 Chris Narby 7.430 Nelson

13 Mark Burgess 7.464 Hawkes Bay

14 Logan Andrews 7.474 Nelson

15 Clive Hall 7.530 Nelson

16 Alan Simpson 7.541

17 Ryan Winslow 7.570

18 Andrew Bidwell 7.574

19 Mark Millings 7.592 Westport

20 Hadley Boyce 7.621

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Race One Results


Pos ....Name ......Laps


1 Kerry Martin 99.95

2 Mark Millings 97.47

3 Adam Bidwell 96.38

4 Nigel Boyce 93.85

5 Neil Bidwell 93.69

6 Tony Cook 93.48

7 Andrew Bidwell 92.39

8 Mark Burgess 91.47

9 Jeremy McMahon 91.3

10 Chris Narbey 91.05

11 Sam Trowbridge 89.21

12 Graeme Saxton 88.95

13 Alan Simpson 88.91

14 Ryan Winslow 88.32

15 Chris Wong 88.29

16 Logan Andrews 87.94

17 Hadley Boyce 86.56

18 Andrew Gregge 86.47

19KJ McDonald 85.86

20 Blair Allan 84.47

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Hint folks - subtle hint - see above - - - - REAEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL subtle . . . He just wants to see his name in podium lights again :)


1 Kerry Martin 101.42

2 Mark Millings [Branco] 98.98

3 Adam Bidwell 98.03

4 Neil Bidwell 97.99

5 Alan Simpson 94.94

6 Andrew Bidwell 94.6

7 Nigel Boyce 93.35

8 Jeremy McMahon 92.61

9 Tony Cook 92.53

10 Mark Burgess 91.92

11 Blair Allan 91.18

12 Chris Narbey 90.91

13 Sam Trowbridge 90.4

14 Sanford Huckle 89.74

15 Dave West 89.20

16 Andrew Gregge 89.13

17 Logan Andrews 88.61

18 Graeme Saxton 88.61

19 Chris Wong 86.75

20 Ryan Winslow 86.58

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Now some pics then the overall weekend results.














(amazing how may people ran away and hid when photos were to be taken)

We had 40 competing.


And below, some of the future of slot racing, from left Logan (9) gave me a run for my money in Group 4, and he's been racing 2 months,,, yes just 2 months.

Adam Bidwell (11) and Andrew Bidwell (13) who won last year at 12..... and at right some old joker from Wellington :) .

These boys are seriously good. Be afraid, be very afraid.....worse, they are all very pleasant, sensible, level headed lads, and so were a couple of others competing...


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Overall results


1 Kerry Martin 201.37 Nelson

2 Mark Millings [Branco] 196.45 Westport

3 Adam Bidwell 194.41 Blenheim

4 Neil Bidwell 191.68 Blenheim

5 Nigel Boyce 187.2 Blenheim

6 Andrew Bidwell 186.88 Blenheim

7 Tony Cook 186.01 Nelson

8 Jeremy McMahon 183.91 Auckland - Orakei club

9 Alan Simpson 183.65 Nelson

10 Mark Burgess 183.39 Hawkes Bay

11 Chris Narbey 181.96 Nelson

12 Sam Trowbridge 179.61 Nelson

13 Graeme Saxton 177.56 Pitlane - Dunedin

14 Logan Andrews 176.7 Nelson

15 Blair Allan 175.65 Christchurch - Garden City club

16 Andrew Gregge 175.6 Christchurch - Garden City club

17 Chris Wong 175.04 Hawkes Bay

18 Ryan Winslow 174.9 Nelson

19 Hadley Boyce 173.04 Blenheim

20 KJ McDonald 170.86 Christchurch - Garden City club

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Well come on then man, full race report for the troops and absentees all the gore and goss......

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2015 NSR Classic Challenge.


Welcome to the race report from the 2nd annual NSR Classic Challenge, again held at Tony Cook's superb facility in sunny Nelson.

Was we asking too much of this years event to top the 2014 edition?

No is the answer, 37 participants from all parts of this glorious country put on a great display of slot car racing.

Dunedin, Christchurch, Westport, Blenheim, Wellington, Napier, New Plymouth, Auckland & Nelson were lacking some very nice people as they congregated in a shed to unleash their undoubted talent on Tony's 100 foot long 4 lane blacktop track.


Doors to the track opened at lunchtime Friday, with many 1st time visitors taking to the track for some quality learning of both the track and to see how their NSR cars were performing.

I lost count of how many drivers did 4 or 5 laps them scurried of to their pitboxes to make some minor adjustments in the hope of gaining that precious extra few tenths of a second.


6pm arrived and that meant Scrutineering of the cars, this was carried out by Dave West with sufficient vigilance and most cars breezed through but some did need some alteration to meet the criteria set down in the rules.


7pm saw the pressure levels rise as Qualifying began. With 40 pairs of glaring eyes watching on, each entrant had 1 minute to set a fast lap.

Some surprises included last years Champion & 3rd placegetter, Andrew Bidwell & Mark Millings, only qualifying in 18th & 19th respectively.

Garden City(Chch) racer KJ McDonald securing the 3rd fastest time.

Nelson's own, Kerry Martin caused the large crowd of onlookers to applaud his effort with a cracking time of 6.993. This time bettered last years time of 7.15 by Blenheim's Neil Bidwell.


Kerry Martin's Porsche 917




The qualifying order



Saturday morning arrived, cool and sunny, and the troops gathered for the 9am start of the 1st round of 3 minute heats.

The pace of the 1st few heats was frantic and there were some great battles to keep the crowd enthralled.

Last years record heat total was 96.26 set by eventual winner, Andrew Bidwell, this was eclipsed in heat 6 by Westport's Mark Millings with 97.47

This distance remained at the top until the very last heat which featured the 4 best qualifiers. Kerry Martin produced some consistently fast laps as he finished with an amazing 99.95 laps.




After a hearty BBQ lunchtime break we were soon back into the action.

Most drivers recorded better times than in the morning either due to the track rubbering up, drivers getting more comfortable with the track or simply spurred on by the large gathering of spectators (maybe next year we should sell admission tickets!!!).

Millings again produced a great result with 98.98 laps hoping to put pressure on the pacesetter Martin.

Kerry was to have none of it, in the days final heat he blitzed all records to set a distance of 101.42, hitting 25 laps or better in each of the 4 lanes.

Congratulations Kerry on a well set up NSR Porsche 917 and some outstanding driving.




Some notable performances during the day were, Blenheim Junior Adam Bidwell who took out the junior title following in the footsteps of "older" brother Andrew.

Auckland's Jeremy MacMahon finishing 8th overall.

The Napier bragging rights go to Mark Burgess who's consistency won over Chris Wong (2015 National RTR Champion).


Saturday night saw the large rabble converge on the Richmond Workingmens club for a feed and a few celebratory Ales.

Sunday morning was a chance to buy some of the lastest and not so latest slot cars as Tony (NZ NSR distributor) and Mark Burgess (Slotraceshop) held a Buy sell morning.

There were some bargains on offer, many of which were snapped up.

Without these 2 Gentleman offering these great slot products throughout New Zealand I don't think Slot car racing here would be in such a healthy state, so good on yer guys.


These events don't run themselves so I shall mention a few tireless volunteers who helped make this event special.


Race control/recording of info, Sue Cook & Alan Simpson did a superb job throughout Saturday.

Clive Hall keep all the Marshalls in order and in place.

Dave West for Scutineering and also for the advice and encouragement you freely dished out to those who were new owners of an NSR Classic car.

Finally, Tony Cook, a great event which was well organised and run, a superb "Mancave" of which were are all jealous of.


Thank you.


The Venue














The top 4 qualifiers and their cars





All the cars



All the drivers



The podium cars



Junior Champion, Adam Bidwell



2015 NSR Classic Challenge Champion Kerry Martin



The raffle prize won by Mark Millings


Edited by branco

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the type of cars entered were 11 x P68, 10 x both Porsche 917 & GT40, 6 x Ford MKIV

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Amazing event. Congratulations to Kerry for winning and to both Mark's well done. Mark Millings 2nd is incredible, and Mark Burgess top 10 is right up there!


To Tony and all helpers, thanks, can't wait till next year. Your hospitality was second to none.


I hear Blenheim are going to be holding a "round" of the NSR challenge so another excuse to head to the Mainland!

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That's a great read Branco, if it doesn't give a few people "race envy" they're probably illiterate.

It was a great weekend, and you can't possibly say enough to overstate how many different elements and details Tony's relaxed and casual, but very organised style came together to make it such a good weekend.

Was sad to hand back the Outlander courtesy car - not often a car dealer is stumping up a 40K SUV for a slot meet.


And I am sure that Chris like me, made a few new friends.

Shame the Bidwells are so flaming nice . . . . no opportunity to find any excuse to dislike them while all 3 are kicking your tail from breakfast to supper. Two very level-headed lads there.


Roll on the Shootout - news over there in the thread shortly.

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