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Jack Andrews

Fun To Drive - Not Falling Off "the Cliff"

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Hi Guys,


New here. I got an AFX Tomy track from an op shop for $15 and my son and I are hooked :)


The thing is, I'm starting to make MDF extensions to the track - starting with a 8' 2x2 lane straight with a hairpin at the end:




Now I'm rethinking my time investment. Pushing wire into the track for the power rails to replicate our AFX set has made me think... when the cars oversteer and hit the slightly raised rails, do they fly off? The problem is, with the magnets, these cars go so fast that I can't see how far the cars are drifting and I can't how or when a crash occurs.


So I got thinking - if I'm making track, maybe I should make smoother tracks for more predictable handling. If I made a track where the rails were even (or - i've read - less than flush) with the track surface, would I get more predictable handling? I'd love to be able to drift cars round a corner...


Right now, all I can do to control the cars is to go around faster and faster until I find the limits and then try to stick inside the limit. I'd really like to have some visual feedback that a car is having trouble with a corner.


I could take the magnets off... but my son (7yo) wouldn't have as much fun enjoying the speed)


Is looking for "driving experience" something restricted to larger scales? I had a Scalextric as a kid - I remember enjoying seeing the cars drift- my car could drift into my brothers and knocking his car off (or maybe it was mine that crashed :)






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Hi Jack. Welcome aboard.


I started with AFX myself but didn't like the driving experience and so put everything in the cupboard and forgot about it. 15 years later I bought Scaley and was hooked by the experience. But, there are many that love the smaller scale.


As far as the power to your extensions go, someone else might be able to confirm, but I think the pickup 'shoe' on an AFX car would have troubles picking up power from rails that are below the track level. Also you would get more friction caused with the 'shoe' rubbing on the track. The way the AFX rails are there is minimal drag caused by the pickups.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




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Thanks Ember,


I think I'll have to accept that AFX is "enjoy going fast but you'll fall off the cliff".

Maybe the boy and I can have fun building new AFX cars.

After that, we could put Scalextric style brushes on the cars and I can make a track with flush rails.



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