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Jack Brabham's Bt-19 On Display

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Hi all,

Love to get in to see this.... Jack Brabham's BT-19.....


It's on display at the Ian Potter centre, NGV for a short while.... along with a number of other Australian vehicles.

Think the display theme is along the lines of our motoring history...


Check before going - I only caught the tail end of the report on the news (is there anything else worthy to watch these days on the idiot box? save the odd documentary).




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Folk - if you can get into the city and take this in - it will be worth every effort....

The little car is on the right as you pass through the doors....

Cost to enter is $15... but, if you are an RACV member - it's $11.

You can't climb onto anything - but you can get right up close - no barriers or ropes.

You can't see in from the left side of the car because it has a wall behind it.

As a modeller - my camera card took some time to make room.... I deleted an awful lot of previous pix/movies... and just shot, shot, and shot... I believe I have every visible nut, bolt, rod and panel that I could get....

There is a bit of a blurb about the car on a small board to the left of it. In the background, there is a wall of screens showing footage of many historic motoring events...


The Holden Efigy is out front (in the gallery). There is an XB coupe, an E-39 Charger and a HQ two door GTS in one section with the "Bathurst" circuit in the background.

Some of the movie footage on the wall of screens shows Jack B, Graham H and Denny H running ... along with Peter B and some very old b/w footage of Bathurst..... including a spectacular roll of a "humpy" coming down through the esses... plus Murray Carter's damage to the front right of his HO-3.


The little Molina Monza Special used in the movie "on the beach" is there... along with a Cooper powered Elfin streamliner.


There's a quad cam Repco F1 engine up on a stand.... I rolled off a film on that one alone....


But, to come up so close and personal with the BT-19 of 1966 fame... all on my own with only a security guard quite some distance off watching me.. was an experience to behold..... hope to put a few pix up here later on.... off to bed... head has really had a work out today.... emotion - wow! another wonderful experience in this journey through life we are so fortunate to be blessed with....


Pix will be here in this thread... only a dozen or so chosen ones.... mainly the BT-19




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Ok folk - here is a selection of shrunk pix taken yesterday.






























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