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2015 Wrp Rules

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2015 WRP Rules


The 2015 Series WRP (World Rally Proxy) is a slotcar proxy event for WRC cars that has run through the years 1999 to 2010.


The entered slot cars will be shipped out to a wide variety of rally inspired slot car tracks likely to be located worldwide, where they will compete against each other. Ideally Events will be scheduled every 2nd week/end (allowing for additional time for international shipping).

A detailed scheduled will be published once finalised .

Race reports will be published firstly in the forum section of auslot.com.au


Entrant's cars shall comply with the following rules and the onus is on the entrant to ensure that their car complies with these rules before posting/shipping car.



2015 WRP is not an official racing series organised by the manufacturer of SCX Slot Cars, but is a private non-profit initiative organised by a committee of slot car enthusiasts.


This series will consist of only one class:

See the eligible car list and class-specific rules below for more information.



Registration/expression of interest: 18th January 2015

Entry fee: 27th February 2015

Ship-out date (no later than): 24th March 2015 (Air mail postage date)

Receiving date for 1st event: 10th April2015

First Round starting date: 11th April 2015 (approx)


Payment not due until the 27th Feb, but tyres (when supplied) will be posted out soon after payment has been received






A full list of eligible cars is listed in section # 7 of these rules.

Only 1 car is permissible per entrant.

Each entrant must be a member of one (or both) above mentioned forums. This is mainly for contact purposes.


Entry Fee:


To cover the cost of running the series we are dependent on an entry fee for each car.

The entry fee is AU$40 per car (payment through PayPal).

After allowing for all postage costs including:

  • Sending each entrant a set of control tyres
  • Between International rally tracks
  • Return of each car to its respective entrant
  • Distribution of prizes

Any remaining entry fee’s money will be added to the prize pool.

By paying the entry fee your entry is confirmed.

Be sure to read all rules before making payment and posting car to be aware of any rule updates.

All updates will be dated above the posting of these rules with date of amendment.

To register reply to the following:



Threads to pre-register/express interest by stating the following :

  • Your Forum name
  • Car make (if known at time of registration)
  • Desired car number
  • Your country (as to be stated on entry list)
  • Send a PM to Ontheflipside the postal address for the control tyre to be sent to

(Registration through Auslot only).


Payment info:

Payment will be by Paypal: Australian Dollars per car.

The PayPal A/C address will be advised by a PM when requested by each entrant. Please *PM either Ontheflipside or Gazza to request payment a/c name.

Please use the “personal” option and click “gift” or whatever is similar in your country.

Important: Include your forum name in the message field.

If you have further questions or need help with the payment, please contact the organisers.


*IMPORTANT : When you PM for Paypal A/c name please include your postal address where the control tyres are to be sent to



Cars post stamped later than 24th March 2015 may not receive any points during the first event and if arrival is after the 1st event any postage to the next round will be at the cost of the entrant. No points will be awarded for the missed round.


Cars that arrive late due to postal issues and posted dated prior to 24th March 2014 (airmail postage date) will be given every opportunity to run in the 1st round but failing to make that round the car will be forwarded to the next appropriate event and rewarded points as if it had finished last place (overall) in the previous event.


Do not ship car in original crystal case nor spare parts. If you do so, do not expect the case and spares to be returned. See rule # 7 (Wheels, tyres and braids etc).


Pack the car in a bubble wrap cocoon and send it in a small compact box or where appropriate a shipping sachet.


Please enclose your Name and postal address that the car will be returned to. Legible printing please! this helps in returning the car(s) to you as quick as possible, and not waiting for reply's from emails or pm's


IMPORTANT! For International postage. You must attach an export declaration sticker (your post office has them) on the package.

The declaration should be marked with:

  • Contents: Used toy car
  • Goods type: Gift
  • Goods value: 10 (Euro, Dollar or Pound)

Entrants that fail to attach the export declaration or mark it as above risk to be billed an import duty + a handling charge. If you have further questions or need help with the shipping, please contact the organisers.


Shipping address:

SCX Proxy 2014

c/- PO Box 190

Padstow NSW 2211



Disclaimer: International mail sometimes gets lost. In such event the proxy organisers will try to help recover the package, but the risk remains with the entrant. Always ask for, and keep the tracking number of the package being sent. The proxy organisers will not take on any economical responsibility for lost packages.



In short, rallying is a time trial sport where the cars race against the clock while completing defined stages (routes).


A rally event consists of several different stages, often on various surfaces (tarmac, dirt, gravel, ice, snow, etc..), and the car that completes all the stages in the least amount of time is the winner of the rally.


In this slot car series the track hosts will arrange the events in a similar style as in real rallying.

The hosts are free to decide how they want to present their rally event and organise it, as long as they follow these basic guidelines:


Each rally event is divided into two or three stages. Each stage is a single race (stint) within the event.


A minimum of two stages are to be run and the third stage is at the option of the track host.


The times from all stages are added up to make the event time which rank the cars to receive time points, with total time over the stages no less than 8min for fastest cars.


Ensure timing system delivers to 1/100 sec accuracy. E.g: Race Co-ordinator http://www.racecoordinator.net/


Each stage (stint) has a set amount of laps (distance).


All cars in each stage are driven by the same driver who is suitably experienced on the event track.


When possible each stage to be completed on the same day so that track and temperature conditions are similar for each car.


Sufficient track marshals available to ensure de-slotted cars are rectified (ideally) within 1 – 3 seconds


Round Points



In addition to follow the format guidelines, the hosts must follow the service & repair rules (see below), record timing with 1/100 sec accuracy, cooperate with the official (2014 WRP) Scorekeeper, participate actively in the event threads on the forums, supply “car feedback” to the entrants, publish pictures/media from the event, and cooperate with the organisers to get the cars shipped to the next event in time (shipping costs are refunded through PayPal).



Before the first event all competing cars will go through a technical inspection to check if they are in compliance with the rules.


The technical inspector will decided if a car can be modified to pass the inspection, or disqualified and returned to the owner.


The entry fee for disqualified cars will not be refunded, but instead used to cover the return shipping cost.


We suggest cars are posted well before the deadline date to allow time for any modifications / replacements if required.



A quick running inspection of the cars is done before each event start by the relevant track host.


Service = braid adjustment, tyre cleaning, axle and gear lubing.


Repairs = everything else.


Service is allowed between rounds

Repairs must be finished prior to the start of the next round.

Repairs are prohibited between stages.

Repairs are allowed during a stage (while the stage timer is running).


Cars that require an unreasonable amount of repairs during stage time (running timer) will be disqualified and receive a DNF (Did Not Finish).

DNF cars are disqualified for the whole event and will not receive any event points.


The track host will have to judge when to call for DNF, but a pointer is to consider a DNF when the repair takes more than 2 x the average stage time, or the repair seems unlikely to make the car able to complete the rest of the stages in the event.


The entrant is responsible for arranging repairs and supplying the host with required parts in good time before the event start (minimum 3 days in advance).


If a car requires repairs to start a round, all effort on the part of the host should be made to ensure that the car gets to the starting line, any costs involved should be made to the owner of the car and compensation (if needed) should be made to host.


It is encouraged that the hosts try to maintain a service level before each round i.e. either a full service or a quick check and or repair / cleaning of any part needed, with that in mind there will be designated "Service Parks" in this year’s event.



7. General car rules


Car requirements:

Only SCX cars on the eligible car list are permitted

No Pro parts, apart from braids, are to be used i.e. no alloy rims, no alloy, brass or allen key gears


Only "analogue" cars are permitted


No traction magnets are permitted

The Cars must run in 4WD


The car must be registered and race number obtained at entry. One car per selected racing number.

Cars entered with wrong or duplicate numbers will be marked with correct racing number stickers at tech inspection.



Only original body / chassis configurations are permitted

Edges may be lightly sanded or trimmed

Body mounting holes may be slightly opened

Balancing weights may be placed inside the chassis. Lead weights must be painted

Chassis must have sufficient ride height to avoid bottoming out on bumpy rally tracks.

The car may be disqualified (DNS) if track host judges it to be a hazard to his track. DNS cars receive no event points from the event it has been disqualified from.

Entrant's name must be written on underside of chassis in paint, silver Sharpie, or engraved

Body screw adjustment information on car underside is encouraged.

Stoppers inside the body may be trimmed.

Gears and axles:

Gears and axles must stay original SCX plastic crown and brass pinion .... 9/27, (front and rear) and run in original 4wd configuration.

Bushings may be glued

Shims/spacers are allowed on the axles



Motors: SCX RX-81 only

Motor may be fastened in place using screws, glue or tape.

Electrical connectors between the motor and the pickup rails in the chassis (chicken legs) may be soldered or replaced with wires.

Only SCX/Tecnitoys RX-81 motors can be used. Motors must be stock, as manufactured. No changes or modifications to motor are permitted aside from removal of capacitors, chokes, or resistors external to the motor. No capacitors or other electrical devices may be fitted to motor circuit, except for as manufactured suppressor and lighting device.


Guide system:

Only the standard guide for that chassis is allowed

Adjust spring tension – allowed

Limit vertical movement with glue or shim/O-ring - allowed

Any braid may be used


Body & interior:

Body must be mounted with body screws and be easily removable. Tape or tacky clay (Blue Tack) may be used to keep loosened body screws in place

Light sanding/trimming of the inner wheel arches is allowed, but the body must look original on the outside.

Trimming mounting posts to adjust ride height is permitted

Light sanding/rounding off edges on the interior tray is permitted.


Antenna and mirrors may be removed

Lights and parts in the light system may be disconnected and removed, but outer lenses must remain original, or replaced with something that looks like a lens

Electrical connectors between body and chassis may be replaced with wires (require soldering)

Interior must remain as original but can be repainted. Must include a navigator

Re- painting of the body is allowed.

Fantasy or obscure rally liveries are encouraged.





Original plastic wheels only


Wheels (tyre and rims rims) may be sanded true

If plastic wheels are changed for another set of SCX plastic wheels, they must be exactly the same diameter as the originals that were supplied by SCX with the rally car i.e. no Nascar, GT or F1 rims etc. they must have a similar look to the originals that came with the car.

Rims used from SCX cars on the eligible car list below are permitted.


The fitting of brass, alloy or plastic sleeves to the hub boss for strength is allowed


The rims are to remain standard, no "air rim" modification is allowed ie drilling or grooving of rims


A control tyre supplied by MJK will be used for this event, the tyres will be posted out when confirmation of Entry via payment is made.


Only the supplied MJK control tyres are allowed.


All tyres will be colour coded and supplied from the same manufacturing batch


Tyre wall may be rounded off slightly (profiled).


Tyre may project beyond body work no more than 1 mm, as viewed from above, at maximum side travel of wheels, ie 1/2 mm each side

Being 4WD cars - all four tyres must touch the track when guide is in the slot.


Clear finish may be applied to front tyre tread area, if you wish to do this to the standard tyres, and keep the second set (front tyres) as spares that's fine ..... the other three tyre rules still apply

Eligible car list


* Cars may have run earlier years but the SCX cars must be from 1999 to 2010


Please note: Organisers of the 2014 WRP have not viewed all cars released by SCX/Tecnitoys.

The onus is on the entrant to ensure the car is a 4WD with an SCX / Tecnitoys RX-81 motor


The Citroen C4 has been allowed to enter but must run the standard RX-81 motor


The Skoda Fabia and the Suzuki have been deleted from the original list as they didn’t run and cannot run the RX-81 motor in standard form. ie. to fit a RX-81 motor to them requires the trimming of the motor shaft, which is against the rules.


Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made by this proxy event organisers to cover all aspects of the rules to ensure it will be a fair and even outcome, it is likely there will be some amendments / clarifications to the above rules prior to the 22nd February 2014 deadline. The proxy organisers will not take on any economical responsibility for lost packages or damage to the entrants property. the risk remains with the entrant.

Once confirmation of entry via payment is made it is up to the entrant to make sure the car arrives on time, and is ready to race, entry fee may be forfeited if entrant cannot meet these requirements.

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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Hi Gazza and all.


Now that I have my Toyota back warts and all would be good to see the rules for 2016 set out soon.


I see last year building/entry was all but completed at this time and final building work was well advanced.


I note with my Toyota all gears appear fine (despite earlier race reports) but car is very noisy. I am keen to start addressing problem(s) if proxy is to proceed.


Seems to me while shortage or variety of SCX motors is a perceived problem the wide variety of motors in OZ Rally in no way adversely impacts on event. 5 years ago I was one of the few people using NC5 as the NC2 was the preferred engine. Time has shown however that it does not matter. It is how the car is set-up and tuned that is important.


Why not let any SCX extended shaft motor be used for 2016 and see what happens. My Toyota is now 3 years old after 3 WRP Proxies. I do not see why it cannot last for another couple. As Tassie Phil likes to remind me give me long enough and I will manage to ruin the performance of any car.


Looking forward to early decision.


Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


PS. The pickups still look like new.

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OK thanks Phil. Thought that was just a rumour or somebody's thought.


Gives me even more time to screw tuning up.


Regards Chas Le Breton

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