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2015 Australian Plafit Championship

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Fat Black track 12 volts 2 min brackets



Heat A

Paul Stevens 79 Laps ( Bell Lap 2.808 secs)

Jason Kerr 79 (Bell Lap 6.494 secs)

Simon Wakelin 77 (Bell Lap 0.956 secs)

Chris Wonson 77 (Bell Lap 3.748 secs)

Greg Colgan 76 (Bell Lap 2.588 secs)


Heat B

Brett Chalmers 77 Laps (Bell Lap 5.330 secs)

Rod Clarke 77 (Bell Lap 8.748 secs)

Murray Titterington 76 (Bell Lap 5.842 secs)

Bruce Duggan 74 (Bell Lap 8.111 secs)

Steve Edwards 70 (Bell Lap 10.30 secs)


Heat C

Glen Page 72 Laps (Bell Lap 0.780 secs)

Tony Anderson 72 (Bell Lap 1.626 secs)

Mark Pollard 69 (Bell Lap 2.305 secs)

Jason Jones 69 (Bell Lap 5.049 secs)

Doug 66 (Bell Lap 2.280 secs)

Vito Atelj 64 (Bell Lap 6.503 secs)



Paul 79 Laps

Jason 79

Simon 77

Chris 77

Brett 77

Rod 77

Greg 76

Murray 76

Bruce 74

Glen 72

Tony 72

Steve 70

Mark 69

Jason 69

Doug 66

Vito 64

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Fat Black track 12 volts 2 min brackets


1/32 Modern GT


Heat A

Paul Stevens 90 Laps (Bell Lap 9.367 secs)

Jason Kerr 88 (Bell Lap 5.667 secs)

Simon Wakelin 87 (Bell Lap 0.630 secs)

Greg Colgan 86 (Bell Lap 0.300 secs)

Rod Clarke 86 (Bell Lap 5.381 secs)


Heat B

Murray Titterington 86 Laps (Bell Lap 1.122 secs)

Brett Chalmers 84 (Bell Lap 6.584 secs)

Tony Anderson 81 (Bell Lap 0.856 secs)

Steven Edwards 81 (Bell Lap 4.587 secs)

Glenn Page 80 (Bell Lap 4.556 secs)

Bruce Duggan 80 (Bell Lap 8.117 secs)


Heat C

Chris Wonson 83 Laps (Bell Lap 5.527 secs)

Mark M. 76 (Bell Lap 1.971 secs)

Vito Atelj 76 (Bell Lap 3.831 secs)

Mark Pollard 76 (Bell Lap 7.645 secs)

Jason Jones 72 (Bell Lap 1.083 secs)

Doug 65 (Bell Lap 9.121 secs)



Paul 90 Laps

Jason 88

Simon 87

Greg 86

Murray 86

Rod 86

Brett 84

Chris 83

Tony 81

Glenn 80

Bruce 80

Mark M. 76

Vito 76

Mark P. 76

Doug 65

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Fat Black track 12 volts 3 min brackets


Mini Z


Heat A

Simon Wakelin 137 Laps (Bell Lap 1.591 secs)

Paul Stevens 134 (Bell Lap 0.253 secs)

Rod Clarke 132 (Bell Lap 8.094 secs)

Jason Kerr 87

Murray Titterington 71


Heat B

Greg Colgan 132 Laps (Bell Lap 0.234 secs)

Chris Wonson 130 (Bell Lap 5.100 secs)

Glenn Page 128 (Bell Lap 5.500 secs)

Jason Lane 127 (Bell Lap 3.930 secs)

Steven Edwards 124 (Bell Lap 2.630 secs)


Heat C

Chris Watts 129 Laps (Bell Lap 2.865 secs)

Bruce Duggan 127 (Bell Lap 3.310 secs)

Brett Chalmers 124 (Bell Lap 8.126 secs)

Mark M. 115 (Bell Lap 7.391 secs)

Len Harris 85


Heat D

Tony Anderson 124 Laps (Bell Lap 3.353 secs)

Vito Atelj 117 (Bell Lap 8.401 secs)

Doug 117 (Bell Lap 7.859 secs)

Jason Jones 116 (Bell Lap 7.136 secs)

Joel Smith 104 (Bell Lap 0.737 secs)

Mark Pollard 83



Simon 137 Laps

Paul 134

Greg 132

Rod 132

Chris Wo. 130

Chris Wa 129

Glenn 128

Jason L. 127

Steven 124

Tony 124

Brett 124

Vito 117

Doug 117

Jason J. 116

Mark M. 115

Joel 104

Jason K. 87

Len 85

Mark P. 83

Murray 71

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<div id="post_message_11558" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13.3333px;">Fat Black track 12 volts 3 min brackets<br />

<br />

Can/Am Historic Sports cars<br />

Heat A<br />

Jason Kerr 142 laps (Bell Lap 7.442 secs)<br />

Chris Watts 142 (Bell Lap 7.467 secs)<br />

Simon Wakelin 140 (Bell Lap 4.183 secs)<br />

Murray Titterington 140 (Bell Lap 15.744 secs)<br />

Chris Wonson 132 (Bell Lap 5.944 secs)<br />

Steven Edwards 132 (Bell Lap 7.834 secs)<br />

<br />

Heat B<br />

Paul Stevens 142 Laps (Bell lap 6.904 secs)<br />

Jason Lane 139 (Bell Lap 2.549 secs)<br />

Greg Colgan 137 (Bell Lap 3.765 secs)<br />

Tony Anderson 134 (Bell Lap 5.061 secs)<br />

Glenn Page 132 (Bell Lap 1.893 secs)<br />

Vito Atelj 125 (Bell Lap 1.294 secs)<br />

<br />

Heat C<br />

Mark M. 129 Laps (Bell Lap 2.237 secs)<br />

Doug 124 (Bell Lap 3.980 secs)<br />

Zak 123 (Bell Lap 1.913 secs)<br />

Mark Pollard 121 (Bell Lap 6.382 secs)<br />

Jason Jones 112<br />

Rod Clarke 21<br />

<br />

Overall<br />

Jason K. 142 Laps<br />

Chris Wa. 142<br />

Paul 142<br />

Simon 140<br />

Murray 140<br />

Jason L. 139<br />

Greg 137<br />

Tony 134<br />

Glenn 132<br />

Chris Wo 132<br />

Steven 132<br />

Mark.M 129<br />

Vito 125<br />

Doug 124<br />

Zak 123<br />

Mark P. 121<br />

Jason J. 112<br />

Rod 21<br />

<br />

Combined concourse and race points<br />

Paul 19.5 concourse 50 race points 69.5 total points<br />

Jason K. 18.5 46 64.5<br />

Chris Wa 20 42 62<br />

Simon 18.5 39 57.5<br />

Jason L. 20 35 55<br />

Murray 17 37 54<br />

Greg 19 34 53<br />

Glenn 20 32 52<br />

Chris Wo 19 31 50<br />

Tony 15 33 48<br />

Steven 18 30 48<br />

Mark M. 16 29 45<br />

Mark.P. 19 25 44<br />

Doug 16.5 27 43.5<br />

Zak 17 26 43<br />

Rod 18 23 41<br />

jason J. 14 24 38</div>

<div> </div>


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Thanks for the updates Tony! Good Luck to all those competing today.

Edited by Scalextric V8


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I thoroughly enjoyed my first APC. Fantastic hosts, Mobile Raceways is a great venue and I loved the track. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.


And to my partners in merriment, now I know why you go on these things. From the road trip enriched by old mate Joe, to the beers, belches and snoring, what a blast. I think I even got myself a new nick name.


Thanks Poppy, I couldn't have done it without you.




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Awesome weekend of racing,great bunch of guys to race against and good to meet fellow Auslot members and put a face to the names.Had a great time,learnt heaps and had some terrific battles in some of the races,especially with Pagey

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I had a great time at my first APC aswell.


Thanks to all the guys that made the trip down from places above the border, all a great bunch of blokes that made the whole weekend fun and eventful.


Thanks to Simon for having me as a team mate in FLM and GroupC, two for two, it doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks to Paul, for the loan of that beautiful CroupC Nissan, and for all the knowledge and advice you gave me over the weekend, people like you make the hobby better for being part of it.


Thanks to Werner, for putting on such a great event, so good I'll be back next year. :)


And last but not least, Thanks to GregC, for all you've done getting the event down to Melbourne, and for all your work getting the Melbourne guys to be part of it.


Here's some results from Sunday for those interested.









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What a great weekend, it was without a doubt the best slot car race I have been to. Fantastic venue and atmosphere. Racing was incredibly close and competitive due to the nature of what I think is the best scale track in Australia.


It was great to see so many new faces and enthusiasm for the best formula of slot car racing in Australia. Muscle cars were the highlite of the weekend for me looked awesome and the racing was incredibly close across the whole field. Loved watching the personal battles progress across the weekend amongst all levels of drivers. I enjoyed watching the races as much as I did racing.


Pagey the offer of showing you how to build fast cars is open as long as you show me how to paint bodies your cars were stand outs.


Massive thank you to Werner for putting on the best Model Car race each year, APC is head and shoulders the best slot car event on the Australian Calendar. Rules are fair and the plafit equipment is the best value product available.


All my cars on the weekend were standard out of the box with no additional parts upgrades or changed chassis plates, with exception of my GTJ which used 3deg independent front end and carbon fibre parts and was beaten by a standard 1900 chassis anyway.


Peter from Mobile Raceways ran a great meeting it was the best directed APC yet. Ran on time with no disputes and the quality of the race centre is second to none, please put on some more events so I can come and race there more.


Look forward to seeing all the guys from Sydney and Melbourne again at next APC and the Endurance Race in November, which will be the best Endurance Race on the Australian Calendar.




(The Brides Maid)

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Absolutely awesome is how I will remember my first APC Event. So much fun and laughter on the road trip down and back with good mates that have become great mates Chris, Rod and Steve. Meeting up with JJ and Vito, we completed the Dapto Rat Pack.


To the local blokes on Thursday night, thanks for allowing us to share in the fun with mini z and FJ. It felt like Dapto home night.


To the competitors in the APC, it was great meeting and racing against you. It was great to meet some modest champs with poor dress sense and other first timers like myself. There was some great races in the B and C heats, especially for me against Tony. There was good etiquette and sportsmanship throughout the weekend in the races and in the pits. The banter and fun made it a weekend to remember. Hopefully I didn't upset anyone. If I did, give me a call and I will send down some of Steve's magic polish. It seems to remove anything and should remove a Pagey mark.


A couple of highlights for me were the historics race and the GTJ. It the historics, Paul with his only poor qualifying lap ended up in B grade with me. What a race, 3 blokes separated by 0.5 second? 2 blokes with plenty of trophies and 1 local first timer Chris who also came equal first in the concourse, what an awesome effort? Paul got the lollies in the end in B grade. Awesome race, with no losers.

In the GTG, Greg, local and crowd favourite drove well for his win. Greg's work Ives the weekend was appreciated.


Thanks to Peter and his staff. Fantastic facility and great tracks. Thanks Ladies for some good food!


The race program jam packed and very well run.


Thanks to Werner. I loved the experience and hope to be in Queensland next year with some more of the Dapto boys. I can't guarantee Hawaiian shirts, maybe some sleeveless flannies.


A massive thanks to Jimmy Patterson, our home town leader, master car builder, master painter and all round good bloke. Thanks for the advice and help for the event. We are all so much better when you are around. We are all hopeful that you'll be there next year to lead the Dapto Rat Pack!


Cheers Pagey







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Some more photos from the event . Sorry for the type error Greg in the earlier post , many thanks for all your hard work in the event . I think I'm still getting over my Only A grade effort in the beer drinking comp ! 759D88B4-4183-4811-BBDA-3F5D90CCF41E_zpsaoayzbcz.jpgAFF01742-A43A-4B5E-BEF9-1E1E6DEC88AD_zpsmilgnfpk.jpgD5DFF0CF-A3DD-4879-AA05-548D51C7EEE2_zpsczfetiir.jpg488EF638-1223-4C37-B5FB-D848D5F0B40C_zpsq4crseaq.jpgF3D85546-BFC4-4DE6-84F3-D00719BC8964_zpswfoqh3zq.jpgCF540119-FCA2-4940-8690-DDF22ECF1BB3_zpsgwvre3re.jpg

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B2BA2034-1276-4B80-AD9F-305EEA723B52_zpsbtseailg.jpg232ECA36-A9B3-4A52-91E8-92A5AF6A1DD9_zpsy0tvul87.jpg1BC441F9-E06A-41DB-BD4C-8B521880CE2A_zpsljowtryr.jpg G'day Dougie , we love you mate , even in your VW gear . 3803BC24-D913-4B83-91B5-C057D4896FB3_zps6mzfcauu.jpg41EBFAC2-BD3B-461D-A9B8-6832C2CE11AA_zpsj8i5oqi1.jpglast ones the only vehicle that didn't pass us on the way home Chris .

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loved those Muscle cars awesome class was good to see so many people embrace them.


looks like Chris and Werner struck up a special relationship......lol

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Great to see you embraced the bridesmaid tag Jason . Don't think I will ever be good enough to challenge you for it , great driving over the weekend. Think if I'm lucky enough to get to Qld next year that I will have to take all you bloody Qld to the Pub for parity.

Thanks for the photo bomb Dougie ! We love you mate and hope to see you at the next one . Even in your VW gear . DD5E2C1D-E02A-40AB-BADF-4B8A657A5B75_zps7vquxanw.jpg


Cheers Pagey

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DITTO.You guys hit the nail on the head. It was a great weekend and reminded me of a carnival, having the fellas from interstate travel in mass was a great effort and very much appreciated. It was also great to put faces to the names on the forum. Thanks to Greg, Jason, Rocket Rod, Chris, Steve, Simon, Paul, JJ, Vitto for giving us the best racing weekend. 54 photos from Sunday racing, had to put them in an album.






ps:- sorry if I forgot someone.

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Everyone from Dapto who attended had a great time. Good to see the event went well, I'm looking forward to next year.

Hoo Roo

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Guest jazzbell

Pagey awesome painted bodies would have loved to see them in the flesh.


Big well done and about time the drought has broken for Greg C winning the main event in the JTC.


You're a good person and support all the major events Australia has to offer,well done Greg.


Also well done to Simon and Bret winning the endurance races. Love the team events.


Regards Shane a

Team NSR

Edited by jazzbell

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I don't. Know which Chris you mean, but Simon and myself drove together in the endurance races.


But, yeah, I love them aswell!

Edited by espsix

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