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Arduino Setup

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Looks like swapping the PC was the fix in the end.

Arduino Comms have been very stable and I cannot replicate the Comms fault.

Thanks to all for your kind input an assistance.

Hopefully I can return the favour sometime.




Glad that you got it all working...

If the issue comes back (and chances are that it eventually will), make sure to fit a 0.1uF '104' Ceramic Disk Capacitor between the rails of each lane.

They are the capacitor that is fitted to most older SCX motors.


This helps with 'ghost' laps on all systems, and it stops the "Arduino Disconnected" error, as it reduces the EMI from the track to the timing system.

It also helps other timing systems, but RC seems the most likely to exibit any of these 'weird' timing system errors.



Talk to Rusty, think he is a dead strip! LOL

SYD in WA has just got his all up and running.He is using IR sensors.


I'm not a Dead Strip...


Also, unfortunately, I've used InfraRed Transistors on all the setups that I've done...

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Syd 5 metres is regarded as the lowest USb for reliable communication. I hsve used longer powered USB cable on a web cam with good results. So you could try one of them.

There are converters from Augsburg to cat 5 that claim they will work up to 50 metres, but I have not tried them.

I just use a wireless keyboard/ mouse and long monitor cable so the PC can sit under the track.

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Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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Also, instead of a 10m usb cable, you can use a longer sensor harness.

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