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New To Wooden Tracks

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I am looking for info on how to go about doing a small test track on mdf . I have little electrical skills so wiring is a concern how to attach power to track and what power supply to use routing I think I can handle ok it is just the question of using braid or tape . if I am correct I do not have to rebate for tape but do for braid .any help would be greatly accepted. I was looking at a layout to fit on 1200x2400x12mm sheet. hope this is realistic to do .


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I was in the same boat a few years back and probably ask the same questions as you want to know about.

Check out my postings on the ROC track, link below, it may help with most things anything else just ask.

I did very simple electrics for an analog controller to start off with, they are all analog unless you start spending money so if you have a set like scaley, carrerra or ninco that isn't digital they will be analog.

The other type is electronic.

Using these you can wire one polarity to the track directly and the other looped through the contoller, it doesn't matter how you do it, if you use an electronic controller this way could kill them.

Cheers Grant


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Yes braid needs to be recessed into te track,tape does not.

If using tape a good way to attach the wiring is to use 1/8 brass counter sunk metal thread screws. They can be passed thru the tape with nuts under and locked up. Then the wires can easily be attached using another nut and some washers.

Plenty of wiring info on the net. I would run the positive from power to controller ( positive track) as this is how most commercial and club tracks are wired.



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As someone new to track building I used tape thinking it was going to be the simpler solution. Ended up retaping after 12 months and then not so long after I was still having the same issues again with poor conductivity. Possibly just bad quality tape I purchased from ebay.


Anyway, I have just gone back and re-laid again with braid and couldn't be happier. The effort required in routing the recess was minimal (other than having to pull my bridge apart for the router to fit). I found laying the braid was much easier than positioning the tape. I used self adhesive tape and braid each time. With the recess the braid just has a place to sit as it is being laid. You can almost do it blind folded (almost).


As for the wiring I had concerns too. Some of the diagrams around the place looked fairly daunting. But once you start looking seriously and have some wire in hand they seemed to fall into place.

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