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slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 29 Aug 2014

Thought it would be easiest to just have one thread with news posts in it from time to time.

Arrived this week are the new Trackmate Racing boards with native USB connection.

Posted Image
No more RS232 to USB cables. Yay.
It is also powered from the USB port, so no external supply is needed.
Sensor cables are now terminated as CAT5 into the board. Anyone wanting to use an older DB25 plug terminated cable with the new board can do so easily with the adapters we supply.

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 21 Sep 2014

Hello all

We've been a bit quiet the past few weeks. There was good reason for that.

I have been preparing for some NEW PRODUCT RANGES in October.
SO, I am intending to hold a two COMPETITIONS, with prizes from our new product range.
Meanwhile, I have just opened a Twitter account for Slotraceshop New Zealand which you can follow at Slotraceshop
SO here are the competitions:

1) Guess the new products we are adding to our range - or SUGGEST the new products you would like us to add to our range to improve our "One Stop Shop" status in New Zealand - 3 Winners from best guesses or best ideas by end September. You can email us, or tweet us your thoughts.

And to encourage you to tweet no email -

2) Simply Tweet and follow us on Twitter from now to end of October to enter, and we'll select TEN winners from those who follow Slotraceshop NZ on Twitter between now and end October.

Tweet us with news and pictures from your local club or home racing, and we'll double your entry chances.

ps. To make it easy, we now have a twitter button on the Slotraceshop site.

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 03 Oct 2014

Our October newsletter is now out. You can catch it on this link
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slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 09 Oct 2014

We are pleased to announce the new NEO controllers from Difalco Design.

All the Difalco quality with just the basic features adds up to an un-matchable price for a 'High-end' controller.

The Difalco Neo DD300 is a high-performance 1:32 controller with many of the same features as the high-end Difalco Genesis controllers at under NZ$200
Posted Image Posted Image
Next up the DD301 adds the functionality of the higher end Difalco controllers with the optional interchangeable 30 band resistor packs which fine tune the feel of the controller for the car or track you are running on.
Posted Image

Posted Image

I have also added a controller comparison chart as a downloadable PDF to the description of all Difalco controllers
Difalco comparison chart (PDF popup in new window)

Difalco Controller range

You can order now, stocks available approximately 30th October.

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 21 Oct 2014

Hey all, I would really appreciate some opinion and idea from racers and customers.

Firstly - does anyone know of any Slot Racing shop, or any Raceway or club which has an "App" - for i-Phone, Android, Windows.....

Secondly - If Slotraceshop New Zealand develops an App, what would you like to see included in it - particularly for mobile computing.
Here's a sample layout below, just to seed some ideas.
Posted Image

Second thing is, Difalco have just announced an entry level controller range - AND it is dual polarity.
Our stock is "in the air" already, due at the start of next week.
The entry level DD300 is under AU$200 for a pro-level controller. http://www.slotraces...roducts_id=1994
Posted Image Posted Image

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 23 Oct 2014

The APP is now live for anyone wanting to download and try the Beta version
All downloads go into the same prize draw as Twitter followers for the 10 prizes at end of month
Posted Image Twits department ................................. Posted Image APP Download

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 01 Nov 2014

Our November Newsletter is now online.

Click the link Newsletter

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 07 Dec 2014

Hi all
our December newsletter is now online at

And just missing the deadline for the newsletter, our copies of Slot Magazine Issue 10 are in transit, featuring an article on Slot Racing in New Zealand.
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slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 31 Jan 2015

Our February newsletter is now online at:


aussieslotter's Photo aussieslotter 01 Feb 2015

Posted Image Posted Image

Sorry, but it looks like a student project from 1960.
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slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 02 Mar 2015

March 2015 Newsletter http://www.slotraceshop.co.nz
Our March Newsletter is now available for viewing and for download as a PDF file; click the link below.


slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 01 Apr 2015

Our April Newsletter is now available for download at

New Products - Cartrix shipment - Sideways Porsches - Events - Tech Article on Slot Motors

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 14 May 2015

Gee, I am behind the times.
Our May Newsletter is now available for viewing and for download as a PDF file; click the link below.

www.slotraceshop.co.nz/May 2015 Newsletter.pdf

And great news. I have been in contact with Ernie Mossetti - lots - over the past 3 weeks, and can now confirm that the long awaited first models of his Short-tail McLaren have been in production over the past couple of weeks.
The assembly is about done, and they are ready for packaging, boxing, and dispatch to the International distributors.
We are pleased to be offering these cars into both NZ and Australia and supporting the range with spare parts.
Shipment of the 6 Contender series cars and the white kits from our warehouse is planned for Tuesday 2nd June - Monday is a public holiday.
Click the image for our shop section with details of the cars and lots more images.

Posted Image
64MM Wide Body – 21 Grams with full Interior. 88 Grams Total Weight ( FK180 “Boxer” sized Motor)
Angle-winder Chassis Motor Pod– Gear Ratio 11:29 (6.5mm Diameter Pinion/15.5 Diameter Angled Spur Gear)
Setscrew ERGAL axle gear - Screw mount guide system - Adjustable front axle/wheel ride height
Designed for optional Rear and Front Suspensions, to follow shortly. Front suspension has ability to be independent left to right, and to set the camber.
Higher Impact Resistant plastic for the body shell.
Press fit rear wing mounting system - Damage resistant, removable rear view mirrors (Press Fit – Can be removed for Racing)
“Ultra Clear” Window plastic material – Secured fastening method to eliminate windshield collapsing.
Elongated body attachment holes to provide fore/aft movement of the body to provide maximum handling characteristics
Improved quality and finish of all metal parts – Wheels, gears, bushings and axles....and Grub Screws !!
Machined bronze axle bushings - 3/32" (2.37mm) hardened axle
Traction magnet
Long Can "boxer" high torque Motor, 21,500 rpm & 320g/cm torque @ 12 volts

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Syd's Photo Syd 14 May 2015

Hi Mark, I take it you will be carrying the full parts back up for these? Will there be a plain white model being released with the coloured versions? If there is I'll take 4!!! :D

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 14 May 2015

Yes, there is a white kit.
I better lock those aside for you as I didn't grab a lot of white kits.
Yes, we're carrying parts here. A few aren't going to become available until the cars are finished production, as they are all at the facility in China so I'll get those in next month.
I have/had most of the parts here, but some are common to the Mazda, and I have )quite surprisingly) been selling a few of those already, and some of the small diameter pinions and spurs for - I am only guessing - some scratch builders.
So some I am listed as out of stock, - as either yet to come, or sold, and need to re-stock.

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 19 May 2015

Our monthly parts order arrived this morning.
Included were the new Mobil Porsche, and the new Torque drivers.
These are a big improvement from the first generation tool.
The tip is harder - as many requested, but more significantly, the torque level is adjustable.
Simply flick off the cap at rear of the tool, turn the phillips screw until the driver is ratcheting to the desired tightness.
- And remember to re-insert the cap before you lose it..... :lol:
Posted Image

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 19 Jun 2015

Our MR Slotcars McLarens have JUST been delivered a few minutes ago.
All pre-orders will leave today for NZ and Australian customers.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Syd's Photo Syd 19 Jun 2015

Cant wait to get my hands onto my 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 23 Jun 2015

Our new site is now live.

For those of you on smaller screens, we have a responsive/scalable format site suited to mobile devices.
There are still a few tweaks needed, but if anyone spots something broken - please let me know.
It may just be worth some free goodies with your next order :)
Posted Image
Posted Image
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slotraceshopnz's Photo slotraceshopnz 01 Jul 2015

Our July Newsletter is now available for viewing and for download as a PDF file; click the link below.

www.slotraceshop.co.nz/July 2015 Newsletter.pdf
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