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2014 Tasman Cup Wrap Up And Prize Pool

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Well the 2014 Tasman Cup has come and gone. Generally I think things went well but we did have a bit of a concern with our prize pool. There seems to be a bit of a service/supply issue with one of the main suppliers of scratch building parts and we were reluctant to commit to that source so this year we have decided to go with prize money. Prize money was not our preferred choice but we could see no other viable alternative this year. Next year’s prize pool will be started almost immediately to ensure we have plenty of time to get things in place.


So for this year our winner will get $120, and the third placegetter will receive $60. I have bank details for those people so I will sort that in the next day or so.


That leaves a little surplus which will be used to get things for next year’s pool as we go along.


Now that it is all done there is a little housekeeping to attend to.


Let me start with a big, big thank you to all of our hosts for the year. Phil and Bruce in Tassie, Alan, Mike and John in Adelaide, Terry in NSW and a cuppla blokes in Victoria.


To all the drivers, marshals, helpers and Mrs Broke a big, big thank you for your support. We can’t get it done without you.


Now to the competitors. Congratulations on your efforts. We think that the standard of construction this year was certainly heading in an upward direction.


A couple of the first timers showed some real potential in some areas with their cars and hopefully can use the experience of this year to build a car next year that can outperform this year’s car.

I’d like to thank all the returning entrants for their efforts. Some new cars, some improved cars and for some there were big advances in their building skills.


To our International entrants thank you very much for supporting our series. Your participation is a great chance for us to see quality cars up close and we hope you have fun and we look forward to seeing you back next year.


For all the watchers following the series this year (you know who you are) join in the fun next year. We want the series to be about participation and learning new skills and techniques. Don’t look for a reason not to enter. Just have a go. You will find that a lot of the current entrants will give you tips and advice before, during and after the series. You have nothing to lose by having a go.


And finally I have to say a really big thanks to Stu for all his help and advice and for a smoking hot chassis. This event really is a team effort.


So once again thanks to all concerned. I hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.thumb.gif

Alan Stubbings

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I'll add my thanks to Alan and Stu, all the race hosts and drivers, and to the other participants in the Tasman Cup. I look forward to my "trip" to Australia each year for the series and hope to return next season. Will the car eligibility and tech rules be substantially the same?


Several Tasman entrants are also supporters of the VRAA Proxy for 1961-65 Grand Prix cars raced each year at tracks in the USA and Canada and hosted on the SlotCarIllustrated.com Forum. The technical rules are very similar and the VRAA runs during the Tasman off season. I'd like to extend an invitation to any of you Tasman entrants who might be interested in building a car and sending it north of the equator to take a look at the VRAA and ask Alan, Stu, Phil, Terry, Nigel or Charles about us. We are now "Under New Management" and the 2014-2015 season starts September 15th. There are still a few openings on the grid and we'd love to see you in our series.



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