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2014 Tasman Cup Car Returns

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Good Morning all,


The cars were posted home this morning.


Mark, keep your eye out for that little box.


All the SA cars have been sent to Lenny.


Let me know when they arrive home.



Alan Stubbings

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Good work all,

Great car, great racing.

Will have to get sorted and go again next year (seem like we have started already)


I need to get more time to complete and test the car before sending off.

Looking forward to the opportunity to compete with you all again.


Thanks again,



ps, its Lenny fault!!!!

Try Harder, if you dont fail your not trying hard enough

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Hi Alan


There was a pick up notice from the post office in the letter box today, as I not expecting anything else I'll assume its from you.


Paul and John, I'll pick up the box on Saturday morning and get your little darlin's back to you over the weekend or next week if that's OK with you.


Thanks to Stubbo on the prompt return with no fuss and bother



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Hi Stubbo/Alan.


Car arrived safely today thanks. Extra effort taken with packaging is just out of this world. Car arrived back just as sent away.


Could just about repackage and send away to VRAA but has wrong motor.


At least now I have a car to test my VRAA car against.


Must say good job Aust and NZ Post too.


Regards Chas Le Breton

Edited by charlesx

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My #14 car arrived yesterday morning,(I would have posted this earlier but I've had email issues),car was safely packed which was great as the car has come home pretty much as it left some 5 or so months ago.


Thanks Alan for a great series and also many thanks to all who hosted, drove and marshalled,as Alan has said on another post it has been a fun event and I hope next years series will be just as successful.


This has been a very enjoyable event to have been part of, the winning side of it was a nice bonus,



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