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2014 Tasman Cup Grand Finale Cheltenham Park

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 04 Jul 2014

The cars have arrived back in Melbourne.

The final race is scheduled for the 19th of July.

I hope to check over the cars this weekend and then try and do the qualifying on the weekend of the 12th.

Stay tuned.
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wombat's Photo wombat 04 Jul 2014

Hey Al
I think you missed the dates lol.

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 04 Jul 2014


Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 06 Jul 2014

I gave the cars a quick once over yesterday and then gave them a quick run.

A couple of little issues.

The mounting post on the Grandkids car needs to be reattached.

The engine cover on Spoons car has come loose. I will reattach that also.

#47 body mounting screw was done up tight. Is this correct? Should it be backed off a bit.

Whilst on the topic of mounting screws some of the cars have no information (or it has disappeared) about the screws. I will run them as they are or as they are marked unless I hear from the owner to advise what they would like.

As far as the cars that I ran it was noticable that a couple of the BWA motored cars just dont have the pace compared to the SRP and Solarbotics motors.

I also thought that a couple of the cars were starting to suffer from a lack of grip.

Other than that they were a real pleasure to drive. I'm looking forward to qualifying and the race.

Pauls Slots's Photo Pauls Slots 06 Jul 2014

Hi Alan,
No 22, body screws up just firm then out 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
This should allow just a little body movement. (should be set at this already)

Hope the tread last the final race :blink:

Good luck to all


Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 07 Jul 2014

Revised Schedule.

We will now be running the race this Saturday the 12th.Posted Image

I will try to do a qualifying run tomorrow or Wednesday night. Racing to start around 1pm on Saturday.Posted Image

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 09 Jul 2014

Qualifying is done.

Most of the BWA powered cars just don't have enough speed on this track.

Grip is starting to be an issue for some of the cars.

Alexis, your car really struggles with grip here.

The #7 is a rocket and really nice to drive. #1 is also very quick. I am used to the solarbotics but it is probably not as easy to drive as #7.

There is less than 1/10th of a second between 4th and 8th.

Spoons car is a bit unstable at the front. It may be the guide. Neil, we can have a look at that on Saturday before the race.

All in all these are a nice bunch of cars. Way more fun and much nicer to drive than some of the cars that were here a while ago for another series.

Some of the returning entrants have certainly improved their cars this year. Some of the first timers have produced good cars that are just lacking speed.

I really like the look of the #13Posted Image. It is an unusal car and it is nice to see something that is different to the rest.

Posted Image

Good luck Saturday

terry's Photo terry 09 Jul 2014

Thanks Alan,

Stewarts car is so nice!

Fingers crossed for Saturday,


slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 10 Jul 2014

Thanks for getting the round underway Alan

Looking forward to see how it all unfolds on Saturday.

manimmal's Photo manimmal 10 Jul 2014

I look forward to a great day of racing Saturday. As usual I'll be giving every car a limit pushing go, and may the best car win. Being my first time with a car in the field it'll be great for me to get a feel of where my car is lacking, so fingers crossed next year I can give you fast guys a scare!

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 12 Jul 2014

Good Morning Tasman Cup Racers.

It's 10am here in beautiful sunny Melbourne.Posted Image

The final round will be underway later on today.

We have an illustrious driving team lined up. Slo1quick, Spoons and Manimmal (who according to his mum is a very good driver) will be the men in the hot seat.

Terry has a big lead going into the final round with Grandkids still a chance to come through. What will unfold?Posted Image

We will aim to get the results up for you later this evening.

Good luck everyonePosted Image

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 12 Jul 2014

The results are in.

Firstly I was not driving.

The drivers were Lane 1 Chris, Lane 2 Stu and Lane 3 Neil.

A couple of surprises but I did think that the Canadian cars were good and so it proved to be but maybe not how it was expected.

Posted Image

After each heat I got the drivers to make notes about the cars so I will get that sorted and organise some photo's over the next day or so.

So after the days racing the final Championship table is

Posted Image

Well done TerryPosted Image.

#14 lacked a bit of pace here but had banked enough points to come away with the series. The rest of the placings were pretty close .

It's been a long but enjoyable day. I hope I have the maths right but if not I am sure someone will pick up any errors.


charlesx's Photo charlesx 12 Jul 2014

Hi all.

Very happy with strong finish. Good to get amongst those Aussies and Canadians.

Thanks to the organisers, drivers, marshals and other helpers for another great series.

Might just have to build new car for next year.


Chas Le Breton

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 13 Jul 2014

Thanks to the drivers and to you for running this event, Shame both the Tassie cars finished well down the order.
But the kits will be very happy with their result in the series.
Family gathering for lunch today so I will here all about it!
Great result for Terry I am pretty sure this is his first ever Proxy Series win, well done.
I can remember your first Proxy build years ago.
Congratulations also to Stubbo, or should Stu also get some recognition for building a great chassis?
Well done.

terry's Photo terry 13 Jul 2014

Thanks for the run Stubbo,and to the drivers for giving all cars a fair run,this is a very pleasing result.

I was getting a bit nervy over the preceding days as I knew my Brabham would be gasping for speed at this last race,and I was worried about Phils cars getting to me , obviously my fears were unfounded, but such is the quality of this field anything could have happened on the day.

Thanks for those kind words Phil,I do remember my first proxy car,a Capri,with a a horrible light weigh brass and wire chassis which only saw 3 races before being replaced,my success in proxy races was quite sparse,I was just happy to be in the field and having a car that was somewhere mid pack.

Thanks to Stubbo and SLO1 for getting this series done and dusted,you have made this a fun series for all of the entrants,irrespective of where they finished.

Its been quite a year here with family issues and other stuff just getting in the way, so this is a real nice pick me up!


Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 13 Jul 2014

Four Brabhams at the top . Sir Jack would be proud.

Congratulations Terry on your first proxy series win. Well deserved. All the drivers loved your car, it just needed a bit more speed down here but it certainly was the most consistent car.

Yes Phil, Stu does build a good chassis. All the credit goes to him.

I'll collate all the driver comments later but for #17 all the drivers commented it was taily. They all thought the front wheels on #47 held it back.

I will send the cars back this week (I promise).

Someone put one of their wheels on #69. Can you let me know who it was and I will return your wheel with your car.

terry's Photo terry 13 Jul 2014


I put the wheel on Mareks #69 car,the dodgy wheel should be in the packing box in a wee plastic bag.


Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 13 Jul 2014

Here are the driver comments.

Alexis, we had some real problems with your car. The motor started to lose power and it really struggled.

Posted Image

slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 13 Jul 2014

Well done to the guys on the podium.
The build quality of all the entrants is top notch with some exceptional top notch builds among them.
Im very privileged to have been able to have a drive of these little gems, thanks!
Its good to see more cars mixing it up and being competitive this year with some very close racing, well done guys!

The final round Honours
Posted Image

The final round finishing order
Posted Image

The overall honours
Great to see Terry take a well deserved top spot, congratulations and well done!!

Posted Image

Well done to Alan, you tweaked this car very nicely and tuned it to be a great car!
Well done to the Grand kids and Phil!

Jack would be well pleased! Top 4
Posted Image

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 13 Jul 2014

Thanks for the feed back, no idea about the kids car same tyres as my car.
Something happened to my front wheels in Adelaide, no idea what as they mentioned shuddering.