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Round 6 Tasman Series 2014 - Fpr Track - Adelaide

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Hi again


Round 6 of the Tasman series for 2014 has now been run


Here are the results of the race


Car Total Laps

7 Old 23 102.9

17 Grand Kids 102.1

48 Charlesx 99.7

22 Paul's Slots 99.4

3 Slo 1 quick 99.2

4 Lenny Broke 98

91 Mrs Broke 97.6

14 Terry Newsome 97.1

20 Miveson 95.9

47 Phil Kalbfell 95.3

26 FPR 7 95

1 Stubbo 95

13 Mrollingthunder 94.9

9 RIR 93.7

69 Ferrari 1950 92.9

78 Manimmal 92.5

2 Spoons 88.5

38 Alexis in Greece 87.3


The cars were beautifully prepared, many thanks for allowing FPR to run a round in this series


Congratulation to Old23 for the round win, a very well balanced, very fast car


Some of the cars had major problems dealing with a couple of the tight corners on the FPR track, particularly on blue lane


Thanks to all the drivers and marshalls that helped run this round, it was great fun


Hope we can run another round in 2015


The cars will be off to the next round later this week


regards Mike and John (FPR)

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Thanks Mike for doing the report & organizing.Also to Lenny & Stubbo for letting is in on the act. The FPR boys had a great night & enjoyed the experience of Driving 18 cars which are all different to drive. Where else could you experience that?

All cars were drivable but some needed careful controller settings and some degree of traction control in the finger . Speaking of traction not one car I drove on FPR had excessive tail slide.

So the FPR surface seemed to suit the tyres on all cars.

Cheers John

Ps thanks to the Marshals that did a sterling job.

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Thanks for the round guys. Well done.

Good to see Stew come through, and Charles too. Congratulations. Well done to Phil and his troops too.

At least 3rd stop on the overalls is well and trully up for grabs.

"Me Auntie's a Jack !!!"

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Hi all

Thanks to Mike, John and the FPR driving team for running this round. It looks like you had a good night.

Congratulations to Old on the round win and to the grand kids and Chas for the runner up spots.

Old's car was in with a chance at rnd 5 and has now shown its got the goods, the GK's are showing the old dog some new tricks it seems and was that a first time tasman podium for the x man?

Also thanks for getting the #4 car home in a reasonable position. it looks like it raced better than it practiced.



ps well done also to Paul on his third runner up spot.


pps, don't forget to leave the 91 car out of the case when you forward the cars on please Mike

Edited by lenny broke

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Hi Lenny Broke/Alan.


You are right - it was my first Tasman Cup podium over the last 2 years since I built and entered my first car . I got 4th in last 2 rounds in 2013 and had given up on this year so nice surprise.


Did achieve 3 x 2nds in first tilt at VRAA 2013-14 with later car.


Hopefully I can continue improvement but as long as car reliable I am happy. Might even build new car for 2015 TC. We cannot however all be winners.


Regards Charles LeBreton (charlesx)

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