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I think I am very lucky.

A person on this forum offered me a Focus body to replace my broken one from last year.

He posted it on the 13th January. I finally received it today thank you very much. :)

I have not mentioned his name because I would not like his fellow racers to stir him.

The parcel was address to my old work place that I left over 6 years ago, the company moved out about 4 years ago. :o

so no one had any idea who was the kalbfell bloke! :wacko:

Luckily they are rebuilding and an electrician who worked with me is now working in the building and while taking to the new owner noticed my name on the package sitting on the guys desk.

A few questions and answers later and the electrician phone me and I collected the parcel.


Thanks again to the donor,but please update my address,in case you send me anything else in years to come. :D

I can now get down to rebuiding the car for this year, great.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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Hahaha. Proof of what a small island Taswegia is.

Computers. They'll never catch on.




Tiny Tyers Targa - The build saga continues - Aging wood - A recipe for staining wood - Don't take a fence - Step by step paling fence - An old shed for my new cars - Wooden garage under construction

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Just re-motored last years entry (it caught fire in the first round and was kindly re-motored) the latest re-incarnation seems slower, I've gone right off those SCX motors. Maybe the new tyres when they arrive will help. I ran it a couple of weeks ago and it seemed faster, after a break it seems to have reverted back to a #@&* pile of %$#@.

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Hmmm found with mine Aquakiwi the more running it got was a great help also run it in reverse for a while then do a lot of laps I usually do segments of 100 on my circuit and notice the motor gets smoother as the brushes really bed in , hope that helps a little, will wait and see if my car is better this year definitely showing all round improvement after doing this. :)

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Afraid I'm with Aqua on this one, my "new" Scx motor was running great but got worse as time went on. I only hope it sees out the season.

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