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2014 Tasman Cup Round 5, Semaphore Park

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 15 Jun 2014

Thanks to Alan and all his helpers (especially Mrs Broke) for hosting this round.

Terry your looking good.

Well done Phil and the Grandkids.

Next race is at Fulham Park.

terry's Photo terry 15 Jun 2014

Thanks Alan and your drivers,nice result for the #14 car,I'm really pleased with how the car is going!

Congratulations to Phils' team,and to all the entrants in this proxy,some really nice cars here!


miveson's Photo miveson 15 Jun 2014


Thanks for running the round..... well done to Terry - another #1 finish - super stuff.......

2 rounds to go.... exciting stuff....

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 15 Jun 2014

Hi guys

Here's the drivers comments. they are by the heat one and two drivers who identities will be kept anonymous to protect the guilty ;)

Posted Image

Some observations by me in no particular order.
Terry's car does not seem as fast as it's time suggest, but it just does everything well. it puts the power down and brakes well. I felt that the way it went through the two apex sweeper (billious bend) and through into the hairpin made the difference for him.

There were two cars with fitted with drop arms, Spoons and Mannimal. Though both cars were quite smooth mechanically and quick in parts I felt the drop arm let them down greatly. I don't think there was enough weight on the guide and allowed it to lift out of the slot. also the lack of up and down stops meant that the guide was never fully in the slot when need most. Though both cars was able to turn the odd quick lap they were very unpredictable and unforgiving for a slight error. my view would be to not use a drop arm next year.

Slo1's Brabham felt lethargic in qualifying but seemed to come alive in the race and mean't it moved up the order in the race.

Old 23's car was quite quick but needed a delicate finger to get the best out of it.

Stubbo's car started out OK but the motor progressively slower and noticably more in heat 3

The team Kalbfell cars ran well and caused no problems for us.

I reckon that's enough from me.

Now it's over to John and Mike at FPR. please be gentle with them as they are proxy hosting virgins :D

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 15 Jun 2014

To use a quote (familiar to some of the locals ) WTF!
Done by the kids yet again!
I will never live this down.
Congratulations to Terry well done. Good to see him doing well in this Proxy.

Thanks to Lenny and the crew for running this round.

charlesx's Photo charlesx 15 Jun 2014

Another well run Aussie proxy round.

Congrats to podiumites.

Looking like this proxy will all be over and some of us are still waiting for the return of our cars from another similar competition.


Chas Le Breton
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