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2014 Tasman Cup Round 5, Semaphore Park

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 03 Jun 2014

Hi Guys
Round 5 will be held on my track,Semaphore Park on Saturday 14th of June starting at 19.00 hrs central standard australian time
I will be attending the Scale Nationals in Dapto this weekend so will be away from tomorrow til next monday. However I have arranged for the cars to be delivererd to my local post office and Mrs Broke will pick them up from there on arrival.
I'll start off with a check over and preliminary run on tuesday night (10th). I'll then qualify the cars on Thursday (12th) and we'll run the race on Saturday evening.

My track is a two lane layout so the race format it will run like this: the cars will run through heats 1 & 2 of 3 minutes each with two drivers then repeat the process for heats 3&4 but with a driver change. This way everyone has a drive and aren't stuck marshalling all night. All the drivers selected are regular racers from clubs I am involved with.This format is the same as previous years.

Though I'm away most of this week I have internet access , though it might take a little longer I will be able to respond to any enquiries.

Cheers Alan
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slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 03 Jun 2014

Thats punctual Alan! Looking forward to it and happy racing!

Here's the track again just to refresh:

Posted 24 February 2014 - 12:05 PM
Round 5 will be at Semaphore Park in Adelaide.

Semaphore Park
Track length - Inside lane - 12.0 metres - Outside lane -12.8 metres
Most of the corner radius are based on ninco track for inner standard and outer track pieces
Longest straight is 2.4metres the others are between 1.0 to 1.2 metres in length.
Lane spacing - 90 mm
Track surface - Routed MDF with Solver roofing paint ( similar in texture to ferrodore) sanded back with a gyprock sanding mesh to give a less abrasive track surface.
Copper tape flush with track surface
Slot depth 6mm ( track board thickness 9mm MDF)
Track Power - Dick Smith 0-30v 5 amp DC Power Supply set at 12 volts.
Tyres- Can't say for sure but MJK grip OK slot it F22 and NSR ultra grips work well
Track Record - TBA (no timed racing to date) I expect that the times for both lanes should be quite similar based on casual racing experience.
Hand Controllers - Drivers Choice
Timing system- SRM with deadstrip sensors
Racing Direction- Clockwise ( right to left at drivers panel)

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Alan Stubbings

terry's Photo terry 04 Jun 2014

Cars are on their way,posted this morning,they tell me 3 - 5days so they should be at your post office by next Wednesday the 11th at the latest,


Pauls Slots's Photo Pauls Slots 05 Jun 2014

Thats punctual Alan! Looking forward to it and happy racing!

He is just that kind of guy

charlesx's Photo charlesx 06 Jun 2014

Hi Lenny Broke.

Hate to ask but going on comments from previous round can you check my car is not damaged/bent/broken. It should at let run smoothly. Just when you are doing your usual check on cars please.


Chas Le Breton

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 07 Jun 2014

Hi Chas,
I'm still in Dapto for the Australian scale nationals but should be home on Monday night, hopefully the box of cars should be available for pick up from the post office on Tuesday morning. I will go over all the cars before they hit the track on Tuesday nigh and carry out any maintenance or repairs then. If it's easily fixable I try to get it sorted before things start up on thursday. if it's major repair I'll pm you with a report and see what you want to do before going ahead with fix.

charlesx's Photo charlesx 07 Jun 2014

Thanks Alan. Seems like it is not too much as clearly still running reliably. If anything wonder if it has four on the floor and/or chassis broken.Car has BWA bracket fore and aft so they should be OK.


Chas Le Breton

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 10 Jun 2014

Hi Guys
I'm back from my foray to the Scalenats now and I've just got word that the cars are at the post office, for me to collect this afternoon.
Once home I'll get the cars out and get started on checking them over.
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Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 10 Jun 2014

Good news.

Have I sent you the spreadsheet?

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 10 Jun 2014

View PostStubbo, on 10 June 2014 - 10:57 AM, said:

Good news.

Have I sent you the spreadsheet?
Hi Alan
Yes mate, I'll have all that ready to go tonight

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 11 Jun 2014

Hi Guys I gave all the cars a quick service and inspection last night. I cleaned and straightend braids gave the tires a quick scrub on some damp wet and dry and a wet sponge and a drop of 3in1 on gears and bearings. I then gave each car a 10 lap shakedown on both lanes to see how they behaved. The timer was running for the red lane run for a bit of interest.I wouldn't put too much store in the times as I wasn't pushing the cars too hard and the track was a bit green after a clean .
CAR # ENTRANT CAR Scrutineering report Shake down times
1 Stubbo Brabham Climax OK 4.811
2 Spoons Cooper T53 LHF wheel not touching track fractured solder joint chassis rail LHF 5.441
3 Slo1quick Brabham Climax OK 4.921
4 LennyBroke Cooper Climax T62 OK 4.934
7 Old23 Cooper T53 OK 4.783
9 RIR Porsche 804 OK 4.927
13 Mrollingthunder Cooper Ford OK 5.111
14 Terry Newsome Brabham Climax BT4 OK 4.877
17 Grandkids Brabham Climax OK apart from RHF wheel insert falling out 4.851
20 Miveson Porsche 804 Missing 75% of wheel inserts front axle tube solder joints broken will. 5.282
22 Pauls Slots Cooper T53 OK 5.065
26 FPR7 Ferguson OK 5.221
38 Alexis in Greece Ferrari Sharknose OK 5.600
47 Phil Kalbfell Cooper OK 4.936
48 Charlesx Cooper T53 no obvious problem with chassis but driver and dash loose in body. refixed 5.177
69 Ferrari1950 Lotus 18 Lead wire jammed between guide and body. remove body and refit wires to clear body 5.005
78 Manimmal Cooper T77 OK 5.090
91 Mrs Broke Cooper T73 OK 5.252

I'll be running practice on Thursday night to set the grid for the race on Saturday night. this will consist of 2 X 1 minute sessions 1 on each lane. fastest time on either lane sets positions. I'll carry out some repairs tonight on spoons chassis rail and miveson's front axle tube. both require a bit of solder to put right. Cheers Alan
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lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 11 Jun 2014

In case anyone is wondering about the additional car in the entry list,(#91) I 've put in an a 2nd entry to even up the number of cars to 18. I't my car from last year entered for the good lady memsahib. as it's not registered for the series it won't count in the official results

charlesx's Photo charlesx 11 Jun 2014

Thanks for minor repair and checking out chassis.

Regards Cha Le Breton (charlesx - Cooper Clmax No. 48)

miveson's Photo miveson 11 Jun 2014

Onya Alan..... appreciate the efforts on the car.....

Did I mention that I've now got a proper soldering iron (one that is clean and adjustable) so my poor soldering attempts on this years car should be a thing of the past.

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 11 Jun 2014

We did the same down here with a couple of locals testing the water with cars that they may enter next year.

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 12 Jun 2014

Hi Guys
Qualifying has been run and here are the results. Thanks to Paulslots for dropping by and assisting with running things.
I completed repairs to Spoons and Miveson's cars and they are running well again.
Congratulations to Terry on pole position. I must admit that I had a double take when I saw the time. The car didn't feel all that quick but the time said other wise.
Also well done to Phil and Old23 on the runner up spots. I hope Marek is happy with his spot too after all the trouble he has had in earlier rounds.
I think there is still some time in all the cars so racing should be interesting. I'm really looking forward Saturday evening and I know the boys are keen to get here and get stuck in.
Cheers, Alan
Posted Image
And how the grid will look on Saturday.
Posted Image
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terry's Photo terry 13 Jun 2014

Thanks Alan,

nice to see the #14 car behaving itself,fingers crossed for race day,


Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 13 Jun 2014

Thanks Alan,

That #14 is proving to be a very sweet car.

Good luck with the race.

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 15 Jun 2014

Morning All
Well the race has been run and won and and congratulation go again to the NSW Central Coast Brabham. The other podium spots taken by the Kalbfell clan. Well done to Terry, the GK's and Phil.
A big thanks to Ian, Mike and Kane for assisting with both driving and marshaling duties Paul for marshalling all evening and John for back up scoring, noting the drivers comments and running the program for heats 3&4.
Also a big thanks to the good lady wife for allowing a bunch of middle aged delinquents invade her home to play with toy cars. also thanks for the vittles too. thank you very much dear!!
Driver comments are posted on page 2. Hopefully I'll also have some pics to post as well

Here's the results :
Posted Image
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slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 15 Jun 2014

Well done Terry, Phil and GKs'.
With only a tad over 3 tenths seperating 17 cars in qualifying this one was always going to be a hard one to predict, cept' for the top gunners they are very consistant.
Thanks Alan and to all your helpers and drivers for getting the round run, well done. Looking forward to the comments.