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Anthony G

Power Loss

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Hi, why is it that my digital cars seem to have less power when I am running in analogue mode? Generally they lose about 1 sec per lap when it usually takes about 8 secs to get around. I do not have power boosters, would this eliminate the problem or just take the chip out of them when I want to run in analogue.





P.S. I will post some pictures shortly

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Analog mode runs at an emulated 12v...

It's actually 15v at about 80% pulse width...

Reality is that it actually feels like about 13.5v on a traditional analog powerbase.


When in digital mode, the full 15v goes to the chip...


On top of that, the chip has about 1.2v of 'losses' in the diode bridge...

This means that the voltage at the motor on full throttle is ~12.3v in analog, and ~13.8v in digital.


Set the powerbase to 80% max throttle in digital, and see what lap time you get. You will possibly find them very similar to the analog mode.



Also, if you have dpr cars, try removing the chip when in analogue mode to see what the laptimes are like.

They should then get ~13.5v at the motor which is much closer to the digital ~13.8v.

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No worries...

Glad I could explain it for you... :)

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