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2014 Tasman Cup Car Build

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 07 May 2014

Stu the Tasman Climax 4 pot cars would not be eligible for the VRAA series, only 1.5 litre cars.

slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 07 May 2014

O yeh.. maybe get something similar to the chassis of the red #14 to fit the green #14 then..

terry's Photo terry 08 May 2014

I've stripped down the BT7 and its on the bench,I have inserts from Phil,which are as near as you can get to Brabham inserts,they fit the SCC rims,now I just need a bit of time to have a look at the options,I sort of like the Brabham though,its kind of....pretty...its a Brabham,what more can you say!

More to come on this hat,but building will need to start very soon!